FSZ: Importance of a College Degree

Andrew Ballantye Creative writing major

“It’s what separates you from the rest of the people who are trying to get the same job or career you want in the future.”

Jacob Allen Criminology major

“It gives you (a) higher level of intelligence (over) other people who come out of high school.”

Genesis Jimenez Psychology major

“You get (a) higher paying job and you won’t be rejected as much as if you had (just) a high school diploma.”

Alexander Duran Astrophysics major

“I find it more comfortable if I did get a college degree…”

Richard Rodesque Mathematics major

“It increases your learning power.”

Aaron Williams Restaurant management major

“To get money.”

Jerry Smith Business major

“To make money to get a good job.”

Derrick Billian Undecided

“To be successful in life.”

Jose Billaltando Nursing major

“To get the job you’re looking for”

Patty Esqivel Psychology major

“To have a job and a career to make it for a long run.”