Zombies are overrated

Are you over the concept of a zombie apocalypse? Well, if you are, you might agree that its overrated.

Zombies are fictional and should stay that way for the most part.

The concept of zombies is cool, but some people take it to another level!

People are actually preparing themselves for the day that zombies will rule or roam the earth in vast numbers.

If you research “zombie apocalypse response team,” you will actually find a team that is preparing for this day to come.

This idea is boldly dumb. People are so paranoid that this event is actually possible.

This paranoia comes from all the promotions and zombie-themed movies and people are starting to believe this horror fantasy is real and will soon occur, from Universal Studious, to Knott’s Berry Farm, to billboard advertisements and commercials.

The zombie theme has put a huge allusion on the fact that is actually possible.

Our lovely school has been captured with the rest of the nation with Zombie Fest occurring on Oct. 31.

This paranoia about a zombie apocalypse is taken too serious by most of the general public.

Since modern America scoffs the validity of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, it has embraced a foolish belief system about “undead” beings that eat the flesh of normal people.

Clearly there needs to be something done about this.

People should read something of substance which would be the Judeo-Christian Bible to help them better discern the difference from reality and fantasy.

People that do not subscribe to the Judeo-Christian tradition should read religious or philosophical literature that affirms their beliefs and the truth claims from whatever religion or philosophy they subscribe to.

As people read books like the Bible or Blaise Pascal’s “Pensees,” they should also read realistic fiction and watch more documentaries.

While they do these things, it would not hurt them to study a discipline like the martial arts.

People, please keep in mind that zombies are fake, so focus on things that are real and focus on pursuing things that are real.