Notice your drugs

Drugs are anything that makes you spend money and turns you into an addict.

The truth of the matter is people find drugs as something more literal as it stands for (e.g., weed, cocaine, meth, crack, etc.).

No one really thinks of caffeine as a drug, but it is.

You can drink as much soda as you want and still be craving more and go out of your way to purchase some when you are running low.

Drugs don’t always have to come in the bad influential forms of marijuana or crack, but they do affect your pocket spending.

Eating fast-food can even kill you by causing obesity, cancer, high blood pressure and that is why it could be technically seen as a drug.

Another meaning of a drug is anything you inject into your body that enhances your abilities to focus, write lyrics, boost confidence, wake you up and even satisfy your cravings.

Alcohol is a big substance that people often abuse.

It can make lives happy, but it could also wreck families, ruin your education or even cause car crashes bringing more death into this world.

faYes, there are mild forms of drugs, but the real life-threating ones are alcohol and narcotics.

In today’s society, people accept drugs for what they are and embrace them knowing that everyone is doing them or trying them once in their lives.

Not all people accept drugs, but they are aware of their affects.

Take average students at Cerritos College. They take 5-Hour Energy drinks, drink cups of coffees or even take Adderall to enhance their will power to stay awake and cram.

To be less reliant on your old habits are the best way to fight “drugs” even if you don’t think you have the will power to do so.