Underage for a reason

College is a big step to underage drinking because students believe once they hit college, drinking is OK.

Although many of them are underage, they try to maintain older friends to give them the opportunity to drink.

Underage drinking has lead to car accidents as well as fights between friends.

Students do not understand the danger underage drinking can lead to.

Drinking or doing drugs can lead to legal consequences or even death.

Being cool in college is not the main purpose of consuming alcohol throughout your college career.

Peoples use alcohol at parties or gatherings so they can relax or have enough courage to go out on the dance floor.

Although it is used for a positive time, it could have some very negative results.

Depression is a condition that can lead to an excessive use of alcohol in hopes of feeling better and thinking that it will solve their problems.

With midterms ending and final exams coming up, it can be difficult and stressful for many students; this is another reason for them to consume alcohol.

Although they think alcohol is the number one solution, in reality it’s not.

Stress and depression can be controlled as well without consuming alcohol.

Exercising and going out with friends can help you keep your brain calm and relaxed.

It may sound crazy, but having fun can be possible without alcohol.

Every underage college student should always think ahead of time in what they are getting involved with.

It’s for those that are 21 and up, so let’s keep it that way.