Advertisements’ formula needs overhaul

Advertisements that are shown during television programming have become quite bizarre, but this outside-of-the-box type of thinking isn’t necessarily a good thing.

It is all too common to witness a television advertisement and be bombarded with a commercial that has some sort of wacky concept, skit or storyline attached to it that alienates the viewer to the actual product.

Take these GoDaddy commercials for instance. These commercials are filled with sexual innuendos that certainly excite and are targeted at the population, but I still have no idea what in the world GoDaddy is all about.

If I didn’t know better, I’d think it was some sort of pornographic material based off the commercials.

You’re probably wondering, ‘you silly fool, just do some research and you’ll know what it’s all about.’ Well that’s the problem.

If the advertisement does not properly convey what it’s selling, then that’s just poor marketing.

It’s as if these advertisers have become blinded by these entertaining skits and stories that they are trying to tell in these commercials, that they have lost sight of the actual product they are trying to sell, and the ultimate purpose of commercials, to promote.

This comes across as lazy marketing as opposed to the charismatic and unique twist most people are inclined to believe when viewing such advertisements.

it’s come to the point that it would be no surprise if an advertisement had a clown freefalling off a cliff, exploding in mid-air and then a blasted golpher emerges from the rubble in order to endorse Tide detergent.

Come on, now. I’m all for entertainment, but there needs to be logic in an advertisement.

Let’s start making advertisements that make sense and actually tell me what the product is about and why I should buy it.