FSZ: How do you prepare for the upcoming semester?

Jerrell Bradford
Psychology major
“I don’t really prepare. I just go right into it and take it head on!”

Roberto Juarez
Theater major
“I schedule for my classes, take a look at everything I have coming up and I plan accordingly.”

Andrew Rogers
Theater major
“By registering for the classes (I) need to take or finish to get the credits (I) need to transfer to a university.”

Adrian Cervantes
Psychology major
“By getting my books and going over what’s going to be taught in class.”

Shirley Sanchez
Nutritional science major
“I get my books as early as possible as soon as I get my syllabus for my classes, buy Scantrons and all my supplies.”

Andrew Ballantyne
“I get my books based on whatever I really need because I don’t get a lot of financial aid.”

Omar Cortez
Business administration major
“I get everything personal out of the way and focus on more studying and everything I failed on the previous semester.”

Abel Osorio
Chemistry major
“I see the reviews for the teachers and see what other students say about that teacher and what I should be prepared for.”