Theaters are here to stay

With movie theater prices on the rise, many people are opting out of heading to the theater and are choosing to stay home and watch their favorite movies in the privacy of their own home, but where is the fun in that?

Sure, you get to stay home in your pajamas and eat from your own kitchen, but that’s where people need to stop and re-evaluate their decisions.

Society has become so spoiled that people are being offered things, which were once valued, to their front doors.

Don’t you remember the days where we would beg and plead with our parents to take us to go watch the newest cartoon that was just released?

A lot of theaters, yet not all of them, offer discounts for college students and even offer discounts for a movie that is shown on a certain day.

The overwhelming smell of popcorn and the idea that you’re about to watch a movie on a very large screen is enough to excite anyone!

It’s also exciting to get dressed up and enjoy a nice night out with your family, friends or maybe a special someone.

Some people say that the reason they choose to watch films at home is because movie stars already make so much money that they don’t need any more.

Just because a movie star makes a lot of money from a flick, that doesn’t mean that he isn’t losing anything by you choosing to stream it for free from your house.

With all of the millions of dollars that go into movies, how do you think the people who create these films for you get paid?

People will invest in certain movies to be created in order for them to be successful.

We need to take off our blinders and see that movie theaters and their prices are not going to get any better if we choose to stay home instead of going out to see these films.

So, try something new (or do something you used to do) and enjoy the movie theaters!