Keep guns out of class

Daniel Green

Arming teachers and administrators in schools is a dangerous and risky move that brings more problems to schools.

After events such as Columbine and Sandy Hook, many start to wonder how we could have prevented them.

One town in Arkansas has taken a step that some politicians and political groups have called for by arming school teachers.

While many say this is the best way to protect students, it also increases the risk on campus.

Different justifications for armed educators have been offered by proponents of this bill.

One is the belief that if teachers are armed, a gunman will not attack a school knowing they will be able to protect themselves.

It seems logical to think that someone would not attack someone able to fight back it.

However, this logic fails when you consider that many of the shooters do not seemed concerned about their safety.

The two Columbine shooters Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold both committed suicide after they shot and killed 12 students.

If someone is not afraid to die or is not planning to survive an attack, how will armed teachers dissuade them?

If guns were a way to prevent being attacked, the police would never have to worry about their safety.

The experience of the teachers should also be a concern.

While some teachers may have experience with firearms, most will probably not be prepared to handle them.

Even with proper training, they will still be inexperienced if put in the middle of a school shooting.

Police officers have been known to make mistakes when involved in firefights.

Parents will have to ask themselves if they feel safe having someone who has never been in this situation before

Teachers will have to be able to not just handle a gun, but also be prepared to shoot to kill.