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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Some movies are better off without sequels

Why is it that often times, directors feel the need to try and recreate their works of art?

Countless times in movie history, directors have attempted to produce continuations of an already amazing film.

Sometimes, the sequel can prove to be its own masterpiece.

However, a bad sequel can ruin an entire franchise.

First off there is ‘Grease 2‘.

On June 1, 1978, the iconic sing along film known as ‘Grease, starring John Travolta, swept the nation with its 1950’s groove.

Along with its catchy tunes and Broadway type performances the movie became an instant success.

Several years later in 1982, a sequel to this iconic film was released, only to be a major disappointment at the box-office and its fans.

‘Grease 2’ was set to take place at Rydell High School once again, but many years later.

There are countless problems with this film in comparison to the original ‘Grease’.

For instance, the story doesn’t necessarily follow the T-birds, but instead the pink ladies and a forbidden immature love.

Along with an overall boring plot, the characters lack realism.

Greasers were meant to be delinquents and teachers were to be seen as enforcers.

The character personalities are skewed and portray several teachers to be on the same vibe as the students by flirting or making jokes.

Even the cowardly acts of the originally tough greasers gets annoying rather quickly.

With terrible music, bad acting, and an overall boring story line, it is no surprise as to why nobody even remembers what ‘Grease 2’ was about.

Next, there is ‘The Purge 2‘ (title pending).

The Purge‘ was one of the most hyped and talked about movies of 2013.

This film had a plot like no other that caused its viewers to try and empathize with the characters, as good films should.

Although, ‘The Purge’ wasn’t a complete disappointment, how will a sequel to this movie fair?

It’s bad enough to make a sequel of a movie in which its best scene is the opening montage, but to make a movie with virtually no antagonist just seems redundant.

In an interview with Fox, actor Zach Gilford spoke very vaguely of newly announced sequel to the Purge.

Gilford mentioned that the film will take place in an area of the U.S. in which security systems virtually don’t exist.

This sequel holds room for way to much controversy along with many plot holes.

Let’s just hope it doesn’t ruin the entire franchise.

Although a very interesting idea, ‘The Purge 2’ seems like a disappointment in the making.

Other movies with unnecessary sequels and ridiculous plot twists such as the ‘Paranormal Activity‘ series, ‘Anchorman 2‘, and almost every ‘Step Up sequel are definitely worth mentioning.

Sometimes, movies are better left as one hit wonders.

There are only so many continuations a movie can have and every story eventually needs an ending.

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Some movies are better off without sequels