FSZ: How would you feel if the “big one” hit?

Beatriz Tenorio Applied math major, “I would be scared cause I’ve never experienced an earthquake.”









         Randy Garcia, psychology major, “I would feel terrified I guess.”








         Renessa Magana, physical therapy major, “I don’t know I really wouldn’t know, maybe devastated. I really have no idea I haven’t thought about that.









Daisy Avena, nursing major, “Everytime we have an earthquake I feel like it’s the end of the world so yeah I would be scared. I can’t do earthquakes I        know we live in California and stuff but like, I can’t.”








Cynthia Gonzalez Social working major, “I’ll be scared because I mean like each earthquake is getting bigger and bigger and bigger and they are [happening] frequently what if something bad happens?”








Raul Villasenor, business major, “It would suck cause I’m not prepared for it like I should probably be.”








         Robert Orbison, welding major, “I don’t know I wouldn’t really care.”