Music purchasing shouldn’t die due to streaming

With music streaming services popping up left and right, the question comes up, “is purchasing music dying?”

Music streaming services make you pay a small monthly fee in order to let their users listen to as much music as they want.

Dr. Dre and his beats audio company recently launched their own music service called Beats Music. People pay a monthly fee of $9.99 to listen to music from various artists.

That means no more buying albums or singles in order to hear that song you want.

What does this mean to artists and consumers? This means that artists probably will not make as much money as they used to when people bought their music. On top of that, the music industry has already been hit hard with the internet by people being able to pirate their music, which is illegal.

As for consumers, this means they get the opportunity to hear music at a low cost without needing to buy it or download it illegally.

Music stream services are good and bad because people pay less for music, but bad for artist because they are not earning as much money as they use to.

You can say that artist are already rich as it is, but one has to remember that for most artists there job is to make music.

If they do not make money from their music, how else are they going to make a profit and live? If artists do not make a profit, then most likely they won’t make music anymore and if they don’t make music, what are people going to listen to?

What can people do to stop this from happening? Maybe people should continue purchasing albums and singles by the artists. Also, maybe slow down the production of music streaming services from popping up.