New changes, new building

Daniel Green

The Cerritos College campus has received a face-lift now that the new Liberal Arts building is open. Now that the building has been revealed, students can be certain that the planned construction can only be good for them and the campus.

After suffering through the loud construction over the past semesters, it is satisfying to see that the new building is worth the wait.

On the outside, the new two-story building has a sleek, modern look that makes the whole area look fresher and cleaner. Anyone walking by will see a bright building with plenty of windows to let in the sunlight.

However, as we all know beauty is skin deep and the value of the building is what’s on the inside. While architecture is always a nice feature, the most important aspect of the new building is how students can benefit from it. Fortunately, the inside of the building received as much thought as the outside.

When walking around the new building, you can see that the building was designed with students in mind.

The building has benches and chairs for students to stop and relax before their next class.

Along the walls are monitors that scroll through screens with information for students. During the first week of classes, the screens showed students’ classes that were still open. This can be a lifesaver for those students who need a certain amount of classes to qualify for financial aid.

The building also houses the new office for the Disabled Students Programs and Services. While most students may not use these services, it deserves to have a space dedicated to helping students who need extra help.

While the college has tried to keep up with modern technology, we have to admit the older buildings are outdated. Thankfully, the college is aware of this and is trying to keep up with modern technology.

Since construction began, students had to deal with the inconvenience of noise and a closed off portion of the campus. It is only natural to wonder if it will be worth it in the end. Thankfully, this building helps soothe those doubts.

The design and features of the building show that students have been kept in mind, and if the future construction continues this trend, we all should be excited to see how future buildings turn out.