Internships offer experience, key to the future

Samantha Vasquez

You’re an average college student with a great G.P.A. with no job, and the only references you can think of are family and friends. What do you do?

At this point, either submit the resume leaving those sections blank and hope for the best, or go out and get some experience and references by looking for an internship.

Internships are key. Most employers are not looking to hire someone that does not know the key fundamentals of what their business is about. They want someone who can prove that he or she knows what is being done and can help make the business grow.

Internships can teach students qualifying skills to become the perfect candidate for future employers.

An internship is when a prospective employee is hired at little or no pay to work for an employer for a limited amount of time.

Internships are greatly beneficial to college students and anyone that is looking to have some experience before applying to a dream job.

Internships offer a sneak peek to a future career, along with hands-on experience. Interns can get a feel as to what the culture of that occupation is.

Networking, networking, networking – the No. 1 benefit that comes out of internships.

Whether it’s people you work with or people you meet along the way while helping with an internship project, these individuals are all going to help you out in some way or another.

It’s always good to maintain a good relationship with the people that you meet because they also know people that are willing to be a reference.

If an employer is satisfied with an intern’s work after the internship is over, usually that intern receives a job offer.

Cerritos College students can find internships by going to the Job Placement Office on campus, or doing some research online.

Next time you’re applying for one of your dream jobs, don’t forget to be the perfect candidate by having all your sections filled out, especially the experience and references.