Thanksgiving is ironic, a replacement should be considered

Luis Guzman, Managing Multimedia Editor

I don’t want to be a grouch or anything like that, but I hate Thanksgiving and here is why.

Thanksgiving is a holiday that has so much influence here in the United States, the same impact Christmas has on us.

It has been a consumer holiday, where people think about being selfish or not.

Having Black Friday the same day (night) as Thanksgiving is ironic since we are giving thanks about the things we have on Thanksgiving, but then we trample people in malls for the latest deals for Black Friday. It doesn’t make sense.

Yes, there are some good things happening, like people donating canned food to those who are in need.

But they use the time around Thanksgiving to do that, which is kind of greedy.

It’s kind of like, “Let’s be good samaritans just this time of the year and forget about the needy the rest of the year.”

Not only is it a time where people can act two-faced, but it’s also a holiday that disrespects Native Americans.

Native Americans were taken advantage of, pushed away from their land and massacred. It is a slap to their face every year.

What we should have instead is a Ethnic Resistance Day, where we remember all the bad things that happened to ethnic groups around the globe.

You can give thanks and appreciate things in life year round.

Axing Thanksgiving is a crazy idea, but it should be something that should be considered.

People should look at Thanksgiving from different angles, from the perspective of the Native Americans.

Some Americans don’t give any thought about Thanksgiving, they use it as another excuse to stuff their faces.

I know we’re not the fattest country in the world – Mexico has taken that honor – but are we trying to beat them?

All in all, join me in boycotting Thanksgiving.