Game Room not Good Enough

Kenia Torres , Staff Writer

The game room does not grab peoples attention at all.

When I pass by there is hardly no one there. I wonder why? I always thought students would rather be in the game room or any other place that is for socializing or playing rather than in their class.

Are people not going because they don’t like playing pool? Or are the games too old and boring?

In my opinion I think people are not going to the game room and playing because it does not grab their attention to go.

Since the game room will be closed, I think that they can remodel the room and make it into a place where students and teachers can have fun by playing games. They can socialize and watch T.V while relaxing on some nice comfortable couches. Maybe they can listen to their favorite band play on some computers that should be put on the side for any one who wants to be on YouTube, or simply just browsing the internet.

If I was able to turn the game room into something else I would not.

It would be a good idea to remodel the room and make it feel more inviting and modern. A few games can stay but it will most likely turn into a mini socializing lounge for students here on campus.

Instead of having those machine games, I would like for the room to have a play station or Wii. Students can either choose to play games like Call of Duty or Dance on the Wii.

Another thing that would be nice is a big plasma screen T.V. so we can watch football games, or shows that everyone loves.

For example, The Walking Dead.

Instead of chairs to sit and watch T.V., big fluffy couches would look and feel better for the game room.

Another thing that I would want to be changed is the walls and the design inside.

It should a bright red color to grab more attention of the students. The point is to have students go into the game room when they have free time to distress themselves from classes, and problems.

This will be my ideal place in my opinion.