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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

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And the Grammy goes to… not Beyonce


Over 5 million copies of Beyonce’s self-titled album were sold in 2014, yet the Grammy for Album of the Year went to Morning Phase by Beck, which sold only 300,000 copies in the country.

As a fan of award shows, I enjoy watching artists be rewarded for their exceptional talents that went above and beyond average. It is always important to acknowledge those whose work stood out from the rest and give credit to all of their effort and determination.

But this years results made me question how relevant and important “music’s biggest award night” really is when one of the most popular, most grossing names in the music industry lost to an artist that sold only 6% of the amount of albums that were sold by Queen B.

The Grammy awards are not chosen based on consumer demands for an artists album/single, the number of views on YouTube or how long they ranked No. 1 on Billboard, but by members of a voting committee who are deemed to have an expertise in a specific genre.

The voting committee members consist of anyone who is in the music industry and has worked on six commercially released tracks or has been nominated for a Grammy.

The music is first submitted by record labels that believe it is Grammy worthy and goes through multiple rounds of nomination judging before reaching the final vote, ending with the results.

Because the number of downloads or album purchases have absolutely nothing to do with how one wins a Grammy, they are completely irrelevant to anyone who is outside of the music industry.

Viewers disappointment about Beyonce losing to an artist hardly anyone has ever heard of was proof of that.

Overall, the Grammys are just for show. It is another form of entertainment television that does not serve any purpose to anyone outside of the entertainment industry. It is another outlet that gossip magazines and talk shows use to gain profit the next day by discussing Rihanna’s pink dress (if it can even be called that), or how Kanye West made a fool out of himself, again.

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Laura Brown, Staff Writer
Spring 2015 My name is Laura Brown and I am a journalism major at Cerritos College. After this semester, I hope to attend CSUN and major in journalism with a focus in Public Relations. My ultimate goal is to work in PR in the entertainment industry. I really enjoy writing and making current events available to the public.
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And the Grammy goes to… not Beyonce