One shade of abuse

One shade of abuse

Monica Gallardo, Opinion Editor

The controversial film adaptation of E. L. James’ “Fifty Shades of Grey” grossed roughly $85 million during its opening weekend, thanks to the money-hungry film industry that has manipulated viewers into thinking of this as a romantic, erotic film.

The truth is that “Fifty Shades of Grey” is not romantic or erotic.

It is an unrealistic depiction about Christian Grey, a 27-year-old manipulative businessman, controlling Anastasia Steele, a 21-year-old college student, in an abusive relationship.

It is a poor representation of the BDSM community, it is dangerous and offensive to those victims and survivors of abuse and just like abusers manipulate their victims into not recognizing abuse.

It tricks viewers into thinking that this behavior is romantic and acceptable, that it’s edgy and different.

This movie is complete trash. It can motivate viewers into engaging in this abusive behavior.

If you are into the BDSM culture, that is perfectly fine, as long as it is done with the full consent of those who are involved and no one is being taken advantage of.

Consent is not a lack of “no” It is a firm and knowledgeable “yes.” A victim can be too afraid to say no, afraid of the consequences that can happen if they say no or worried about not being taken seriously for being honest.

Steele is confused, young, shy and inexperienced.

Grey is a man pushing his thirties and finds her in a lost state of mind and decides that he can manipulate her into making poor decisions and passing his actions as romance.

The film industry is also manipulating viewers by originally releasing this movie on Valentine’s Day. It knows that couples will buy tickets to see it for date night, but the danger in that is the possible high risk of abuse.

This can negatively influence someone to try something new on someone else without that persons consent.

It is conditioning young viewers into thinking that this relationship is okay. Grey provides Steele with money and lavish luxuries, a Beyonce song plays in the background; he is rich and handsome and she is shy and timid.

Their relationship is supposed to be different and adventurous according to the media, but why is it so hard for the general public to realize that this is abuse?

It’s an older man taking advantage of a young woman. He manipulates and stalks her, he follows her when she tries to escape and even shows aggression toward her when she is upset that he stole her car.

The romanticism of Grey’s antics is offensive and dangerous, especially for abuse victims.

It can bring memories and flashbacks to abuse victims, it can encourage others to follow Grey and it is just overall unhealthy for viewers.

It is conditioned to manipulate you into thinking that this is romantic, that Christian Grey is passionate and determined.

He’s not. He has the wrong idea about love and uses Steele to live this unjustified idea about love.

This is not a date-night movie. It is not edgy, romantic or erotic. It is a dangerous and pathetic excuse to make money that can harm and brainwash the general public with its completely false idea about love.

Do not support this movie.

Instead, learn about the signs of an abusive relationship and educate yourself on how to prevent those relationships.