A much needed break

Denny Cristales

If you could have less school, why would you say no?

At least that’s the mindset taken if you’re a scumbag college student like myself.

The thought of shortening the school semester to 16 weeks is enticing.

Given differing circumstances, you’re either balancing school with work, school with parenting or anything else.

It’s usually one big juggling game when it comes to the college life.

So, why not capitalize on a chance to make it easier?

It’s not the proverbial tapping out in the middle of the ring if you decide to make things easier. Do it if it’s a possibility.

It’s common sense. Why make things unnecessarily more demanding?

Obviously everyone is capable of undergoing the 18-week grind of school if so many currently and before us have done so already.

However, two weeks off is a significant amount of time even if it’s not apparent at first glance.

It allows a more focused mindset from an educational standpoint in the long term.

Ever hit those ruts in the semester where you’re just kind of over everything? Where things seem to drag on a little too long?

That’s exactly what could be avoided with 16-week semesters.

Shortening things by two weeks doesn’t necessarily solve anything and everything, but it’s certainly something that’s welcome.

Now, maybe you need those extra two weeks to boost some grades or maybe you’re a teacher who can benefit from the extra hours and money.

As mentioned, it doesn’t solve everything, but it’s a convenience for some people and I just happen to fall in to that category.

If you’re a student, why not shorten the semester?