Pope encourages people to love one another

Sebastian Echeverry

Pope Francis’ message to the world told tales of family, of love and the commitment to move forward, just what the world needed to hear.

During the Festival of Families in Philadelphia, Saturday, Sept. 26 Jorge Mario Bergoglio, better known as Pope Francis, spoke to the public with a message of love and family.

He said family and love are the way forward.

I couldn’t agree more.

I mean, sure, he does bring up God and Jesus Christ, and I know that some people just don’t see them as their gods or deities, but putting all that aside you can’t help but agree with what the pope was saying.

With war raging in the cities like Donetsk, Ukraine, Aleppo, Syria, or even the streets of Ferguson, Missouri, obviously love is the last thing on the minds of those involved in such travesties.

Maybe love for their respective cause, but love for the person they are gunning down, not so much.

The world has never been a place where rainbows and sunshine conquer every hour of the day.

It has always been dark and scary, it’s just that now we hear about it faster because reporting a catastrophe is only a tweet away.

But if we follow what the pope said and try to find the best possible way in our lives to let love in, I mean everyone really tries, then we could start seeing a better day.

That better day will never come however, people will always still starve or be at war.

But by adding fuel to the flames isn’t helping, few, brave enough, must stand tall in this cruel world and be the forerunners in injecting love into the world.

However, love hurts, so that is why family follows close behind, to be there when love fails.

If the man holding an assault rifle, stopped and thought about his loved one back home, he’d drop the gun, ditch the trench and run back home to his family.

One can make the argument that the reason they are even fighting is for those back home.

But if both sides, turned their attention inward, toward the home, instead of outward toward ideals and factions, then picking up a rifle in the name of your loved ones wouldn’t have to be the only way out.

The pope said that caring for children and the grandparents of a family are the most important parts.

Grandparents are the memory of the past, the young children have the will and strength to carry on those memories and make better ones in the process.

Family and love need each other, they balance each other out.

One with out the other is almost as bad as not having any of them at all.

Yes, some families are broken beyond repair, and love can drive people to do mad things.

But family and love are relative things, to some those who don’t share the same blood sometimes are family, and a simple gesture like a lick in the face from a dog can bring more love than any relationship will.