Clothing can speak just as loud

Taylor Ogata, Staff Writer

College is way different than high school, middle school, and elementary school and thus the limits of expression have been pushed.

One example is the language that students can use and the type of clothing that can be worn.

However, according to the Cerritos College Student Code of Conduct, clothing that contains offensive and or sexual content can not be worn on campus.

College students tend to use profanity, vulgarity, and other inappropriate language frequently, but the fact that they can’t have it on clothing is not right.

Everyone has the right to free speech, and it includes what is depicted on clothing and thus it can not be taken away.

Even if what anyone is wearing is inappropriate, it should still be allowed because we are adults and we are mature enough to interpret such material.

They also tend to watch a lot of explicit content, including porn, TV and internet videos, but when they wear explicit content, they are showing that they are into adult humor, which is the type of content that college students like to be exposed to.

According to an article on Covenant, an internet accountability and filtering site, 1 in 8 searches online are for erotic content.

Also, minors rarely set foot on college campuses unless they are with their mother, or father, so there should be a more adult flavor to campus, including the type of humor that college students use.

Dean of Student Services, Dr. Gilbert Contreras, is also the college’s student discipline officer, and he is in charge of enforcing the Student Code of Conduct.
According to Contreras, the goal of enforcement is to protect students’ rights, the safety of the campus community and also to balance those rights.

Adults are more mature than children and in an environment where there are hardly any minors, inappropriate clothing should be allowed.