Students sliding bills and coins to vending machines that are a joke


Alvaro Arturo Flores

Vending machine on campus located in the Business Education Building. The prices are so high that students would rather walk off campus for an affordable snack. Photo credit: Alvaro Flores

Alvaro Flores

Hunger can strike at any moment of the day. Your stomach can rumble like a beast so you reach into your pocket to maybe find some spare change for food.

Sure, one can expect to dent in the wallet when going to a campus cafeteria, but who would imagine that our campus’ vending machines would be such a rip off.

Newsflash folks, we are only students that don’t make degree income to, as they say in pop culture, “make it rain dollar bills.”

Being a student gives a whole new definition of the term baller because the closest way a student gets to that is at best a slight fist full of coins.

No one in their right mind would agree to be ripped off blind just to purchase a mere appetizer from a vending machine.

First get an idea of what we, as students, face by taking a glance at the machines in the Business Education Building.

  1. chips $1.50
  2. fruit snacks $2.00
  3. chocolate items $1.50
  4. Granola Bar $1.50
  5. Peanuts $1.50
  6. Famous Amos or Knott’s Cookies each $2.00
  7. Gummy Fish $2.00
  8. Rice Crispies Treat $1.50
  9. Beverages $1.50
  10. Gatorade $1.75

The first thing that comes to mind is why waste an extra quarter just because Gatorade has so many commercials on television?

Forgetting the fact that the majority of the items are junk food it should be recommended that decision makers should think cheap.

Take the time to look at local laundry businesses located in low income cities and one would see prices far lower.

Falcons would agree that they would much rather walk two miles starving to a liquor store or 99 Cent Store and get their money’s worth in snacks.

If someone really wanted to buy peanuts that bad they would go to a swap meet and purchase by the pound to last the week.

On behalf of all Falcons, students need a vending machine with “thrifty” prices even if the machine is filled with imitation brand names.

It should be highly advised to go visit stores such as Dollar Tree and 99 Cents Store and look at the items sold there.

The current prices make students wish they could time travel decades back to the days were things could actually cost a nickel or a dime.

Who can forget the not so long ago days where the cheapest items were at the bottom of a vending machine such as chewing gums and mints for a quarter – it sure would be neat to see that again.

If prices aren’t sufficient to express the disappointment regarding the vending machines, how about the jams which make students want to act like Homer Simpson and fight the machine.