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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

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Sorry Apple, you’re not taking my money

It’s always on the news when Apple unveils a new product to the public.

Everyone claims that it’s the next best thing; people try to wait in line or pre-order the newest phones or tablets, even though they had just upgraded to the previous model; and scalpers sell the products twice for what it is worth because the product was sold out.

Seeing how our economy thrives on scarcity and claims that this product is ten times better than what we already own, Apple has decided to test itself, announcing the $999 iPhone X.

The phone itself is weird and awkward. For one, the screen is in a funky looking shape that will block a portion of any photo or video because “they want to be unique”.

Another weird thing is that the headphone jack is still gone, despite many of us pleaded for it to stay.

The company also pushed its focus mostly on making our selfies “cool” and gathering facial recognition data just for us to keep our mobile life secure.

$1,000 just to try to be cool and send talking poop emojis to our friends? No thank you.

Just the price tag itself almost gives me a heart attack.

If Apple’s main focus was to get young adults to buy the iPhone X, making it the status quo, why didn’t it make it cheaper for young people?

Most of us already struggle with paying for things like rent, food, transportation and stuff for school while trying to get good grades and latch on to any job opportunity we can grab.

The company knows that many college students would sell an organ just for the sweet taste of being popular and will try to cash in as much as they can while using celebrities and social media to emphasize the coolness the iPhone is.

At least Apple should have made the storage space for the “cheaper” model bigger or throw in those Bluetooth earbuds if it wants to cash in all the money we college students have left in our bank accounts.

So before you fall into Apple’s never-ending roller-coaster of being mister/miss cool,” ask yourself this: “Do I really want to have my pockets empty just to be cool for six months?”

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Carlos Martinez
Carlos Martinez, College Life Editor
Carlos Martinez Jr. is the College Life editor at TalonMarks. He is a Journalism major as well as doing some drawing and designs as a hobby. His goal is to get more involved in the media as a reporter and an editor. 
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Sorry Apple, you’re not taking my money