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Military admits it failed 25 people in Texas church shooting

On a Sunday morning in Sutherland Springs, Texas, people gathered at First Baptist Church to hear the word of the Bible, when a demon by the name of Devin Patrick Kelley entered, heartlessly murdering 25 people and an unborn child with a semiautomatic rifle.

This was the worst mass shooting in Texas history by amount of fatalities, but those are just statistics. Even if only one life was taken, it should still be treated as a tragedy.

It’s no coincidence that after a mass shooting takes place, usually evidence surfaces proving the killer had a history of mental illness, violence and unusual behavior.

There needs to be a shift in the process it takes to obtain a weapon. Kelley was ex-military and displayed these abnormal violent tendencies during his stint in the military.

The Air Force knew about these incidents and failed to make sure he was prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Anyone who bashes his step-sons head in, nearly killing him and waves guns around in a person’s faces like it’s not a lethal weapon deserves to be incarcerated for a very long time.

A church is supposed to be a place for people like Kelley to come to as a sanctuary, the Bible says “come as you are.”

However, this sadistic, worth-less soul prepared and elected to destroy the lives of not only the people he viciously slaughtered, but also their loved ones.

Pardon the language, but this guy is the Devil.

He murdered a 17-month-old baby girl and a pregnant mom!

Along with many other kids under the age of 18, they didn’t even have a chance to experience life.

According to survivors of the attack, Kelley shot babies as punishment for crying.

Most people look up to famous people and athletes. Kelley idolized Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof.

He also shot dogs for practice.

How much more sick can you get, killing animals and children?

There were real tears shed researching and writing this, especially seeing the picture of the 17-month-old and whole families whose lives were stolen, those images are tough to look at.

As a human it’s natural to feel the pain and heartbreak of the victims families. In situations like this, relating it to someone or an area that’s familiar, helps those not directly effected better understand how the victims loved ones are feeling.

There are two close friends of mine who are expecting babies towards the end of the year. So it’s extremely sad to think that someone could actually take the precious life of an innocent child.


As in similar cases, this could have been negated. This monster had a history of assault and violence against his ex-wife and step-child.

According to, a Washington Post article, “The Air Force says it failed to follow policies for alerting federal law enforcement about Devin P. Kelley’s violent past, enabling the former service member… to obtain firearms before the shooting rampage.”

Military records also indicate that Kelley pointed a loaded gun in the face of his ex-wife on several occasions and threatened to take her life, repeating the phrase “do you want to die?”

One of the leads at my job is from Texas and I could not imagine how his family and fellow Texans are feeling after his home state was hit with one of the worst floods ever.

Merely months later, the worst mass shooting in Texas history takes place at a church.

God bless the brave civilian heroes who attempted to take this man down, firing multiple shots and connecting on several.

Kelley eventually shot and killed himself in his car, he will forever be remembered as a coward and murderer.

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Jah-Tosh Baruti
Jah-Tosh Baruti, Staff Writer
Jah-Tosh Baruti is author of the sports column titled Shmackem. Previously he was sports editor for Talon Marks. Baruti also took home an award for his sports writing at the Journalism Association of Community Colleges’ state conference in 2018.
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Military admits it failed 25 people in Texas church shooting