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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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You Musk Be Crazy

Photo credit: Rachel Tully

How far are we willing to let capitalism continue until we realize our world is more important than money? We shouldn’t allow someone to profit from a hazardous device for the sake of capitalism.

The potential danger of burning down a home to a whole community that one flamethrower could cause is far too great.

Founder of Tesla Motors and The Boring Company Elon Musk marketed an erroneous plan to sell 20k flamethrowers produced by The Boring Company.

They sold out quickly since Musk’s company produced the cheapest portable flamethrower on the market costing as little as $500 a piece, and made Musk a staggering $10 million in as little as five days.

The marketing captions Musk used to promote the flamethrowers on the website were as follows, “Guaranteed to liven up any party!” and “World’s safest flamethrower!”

He also posted a video on Instagram of him (standing in front of a portrait of Earth) holding the weapon, turning it on and running towards the cinematographer, laughing.

Naturally the cinematographer jolted back in ;the video and it was later stated that the flamethrower wasn’t even being fired; that the video was edited to make it seem like it was.

Regardless if the video was intended to be a joke, the cinematographer still jolted away from Musk, he or she still sensed danger when Musk was running towards them with a weapon that can melt their face off.

One would think that along with a flamethrower, as a safety precaution, it would include a fire extinguisher free of charge, but it’s not known yet due to conflicting statements via Musk’s Twitter stating one will be provided with the purchase of a flamethrower and The Boring Company’s website stating a fire extinguisher is sold separately.

The thing about Musk’s product is that it’s a very dangerous weapon that is being marketed as a toy and as a recreational tool.

Photo credit: Rachel Tully

The only time Musk tweeted anything about consumers safety was when he mentioned the flamethrower as being a terrible idea and not to buy one, then soon after he posted, “Unless you like fun.”

What the hell is he insinuating, that his flamethrowers are only for, “cool kids?”

What does that mean for the people that actually bought one, how would you think they’d use it?

“Hey Jimmy, let me light up your birthday candles with my inexpensive flamethrower that I got online real quick, everyone will think you’re cool!,” someone might say.

How would you feel if you see your neighbor in his or her property burning things like paper, toys or even just aiming it at a fire pit and letting it rip?

California has just recovered from one of the biggest wildfires it ever had that scorched over 200,000 acres, the highly combustible land of Southern California doesn’t need another wildfire like the Thomas Fire that cost the state $110 million.

Luckily one man is fighting to block the sale of these devices from ever reaching California.

California Assemblyman Miguel Santiago, is fighting for us “sane people” that still believe in living past our prime.

As Southern Californians we should be helping Santiago further his proposition to ban the devices from our state.

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You Musk Be Crazy