Peer pressure online is going too far

Jackie Mena

Kids nowadays have easy access to the internet 24/7, just one click and they can find almost anything.

Social media has a huge influence on the younger generation. Kids can Snapchat in school during class sessions and not actually pay attention to the lecture because they are too focused on using their phones.

Social media influencers can have different impacts on kids, there are many who are responsible. For example, Jake Paul, a big YouTuber who makes himself known by doing really outrages things and films them.

These influencers are not cautious about what they post and the age range of the audience who are viewing their content.

Social media can have a good influence for example, educational purposes such as YouTube for help on homework, lessons, study sites and much more.

But it seems that now kids are following in the footsteps of some famous YouTubers and celebrities.

Due to social media kids can also partake in online challenges such as for example, the Tide Pod challenge, where participants would pop the detergent packet into their mouth and chew it.

One of the famous challenges is a challenge called the “Don’t judge me challenge,” kids would make fun of people who don’t have the standard of beauty, “by being vain to get attention.”

It is important to not get caught up in peer pressure, not meaning they are forced into it, but they do it because it seems “cool,” or they want to “give it a try,” or they would get likes by doing something ridiculous.

This is a serious problem, kids currently have access to anything and everything on the internet, making them vulnerable to these sort of situations.

A huge problem also is parents are not monitoring what their kids are watching and doing on their devices which can lead kids to imitate these videos because its “trending.”

It would be difficult for any parent to monitor everything their kids are doing online. But it will definitely be beneficial for parents to talk to their kids and be interested in knowing what their kids are doing and who they are following and watching online.

Cyber bullying can play a huge impact, it is another extension of bullying for children outside of school. Kids are subjected to all platforms of judgement because of a post, or because of a comment. Cyber bullying can affect 1 in 3 kids online, according to

This affects the younger generation who look up to people on social media because they act as role models.

It is important that if we see something that is inappropriate to speak up and do something about it or have more role models who show things in a positive light, such as opening up positive discussion to followers.