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Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

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Screw the exclusionary theme of Valentine’s Day

Don’t let today’s version of romantic Valentine’s Day ruin the holiday for you.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be celebrated by only those who are in some kind of committed relationship.

We could learn something from the Norfolk’s myth about this holiday.

The people of Norwich, according to their myth, receive sweet gifts on their back-door step from a being that goes by the name of Jack Valentine.

The recipients of his gifts include behaved children, those in love and, most exciting, those that are a part of a community — strangers.

Strangers would gift treats and cards to neighbors down an entire street!

It’s a perfect example of how Valentine’s Day can be celebrated between people no matter their relationship or friendship with the receiver.

If the purpose of ‘love’ makes you uncomfortable then switch it out for ‘kindness.’

People don’t have to love someone to be kind to them.

Make someone’s day and let others make your day by sharing kindness and sweets.

The inevitable argument can already be heard— what’s the purpose of such a gesture that requires time and effort?

The purpose is to help combat the hate and divided mentality that seems to be plaguing our country.

There’s labels for every kind of human in our country — white, illegal, lesbian, over weight, atheist, middle-class, part-time, on the spectrum, verified, socialist-democrat, etc.

For just one day borrow the 70s stereotyped ideology and participate in love for humanity and the one-ness of a community.

The elementary school tradition of handing out Valentine’s Day cards to the whole class should come to mind.

Remember how exciting it was to choose cards at the store or make homemade ones with candy or baked goods.

It was a fun experience because everyone participated. Everyone went home with a backpack full of candy.

Now imagine that feeling of inclusion in your adult life.

It’s easy, specially in a community college, to be so busy you forget human interaction for the sake of being friendly.

Going from class to work to the family — we forget to smile at the strangers we’re rushing by just because we don’t really have anything to say.

A simple gesture can go a long way.

Be the Jack Valentine for the kid who sits alone in Falcon Square, or for your math class because everyone is probably hating life in that class, or for your coworkers or literally for anyone you come across from your car to your destination on campus.

And for those of you that have been waiting all year to treat your special someone on this day, why contain the love? Go on double dates or group hang-outs.

Plan a fun couple’s game-night. Open the event to your single friends and have them bring a friendly date.

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be about love and making people feel social and displaying your affection in public.

Just because the commercial industry makes it a hetero-normative, romantic thing doesn’t mean that’s the only way it can be taken.

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that can and should be celebrated by everyone.

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Jose Flores, Staff Writer
Jose Flores is the Online Editor for Talon Marks. He has over a year of experience working for college newspapers. His skills list includes graphic design, photography, writing and social media management.
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Screw the exclusionary theme of Valentine’s Day