Addressing the modern day lynching of black lives

Jah-Tosh Baruti

Trayvon Martin. Eric Garner. Alton B. Sterling. Freddie Gray. Tamir Rice. Michael Brown. Philando Castille. Terrence Crutcher. And the latest Stephon Clark.

There must be change–there has to be change, the police officers who have killed unarmed-innocent black men should be found guilty for second-degree murder, especially if there is sufficient evidence that shows the cops were in the wrong.

In the words of San Antonio Spurs coach Greg Popovich, “Who gives a damn about what his intent was? You ever hear of manslaughter?”

The aforementioned names are only a small portion of the black men that have been gunned down or otherwise killed in the streets by the very people who swore under oath to protect them.

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Killed in cold-blood, but the most cold blooded part of all these situations is that nearly every one of the cops who took all these lives away, got off scot free.

The majority of these men were also unarmed.

After all, Martin remains one of the few who were considered armed…

Then again that’s only if you consider a Skittles pack, an AriZona drink, a hoodie, or a pin of Martin’s deceased cousin a deadly weapon.

In comparison to Martin, the man who stole his youth, George Zimmerman had a real deadly weapon on him, a damn gun!

It seems like every since they killed Travyon Martin cops feel like it’s okay to kill young black men.

Had Zimmerman been thrown the book, things may be a little different right now.

Although Zimmerman was not technically an officer, his 2012 murder of Martin set the precedent for what we’ve witnessed six years later.

According to California state laws, a person found guilty of second-degree murder may face up to 25 years to life if the victim of the crime was a “peace” officer.

Well what happens when a so called officer of “peace” murders an unarmed man?

In 15 of the more high-profile cases involving African American men, according to The New York Times, only one officer was sentenced.

Most people remember the infamous video of Eric Garner being choked to death as he uttered his dying words “I can’t breath,” as NYPD officers stole his last breath away.

Even with body cameras, eye-witnesses, evidence, clear signs that point to cops as murders instead of heroes, almost all still get away with murder.

All this can really start to make a person think the answer to the title of the T.V. show “How to Get Away with Murder?’ is just become a cop.

When news broke that Clark, another young black man was shot at 20 times and bullets connected eight times from two policemen, killing the 22-year-old father of two daughters, it was an all too familiar tale, one that we know may never be justified.

Clark was slain in his grandmother’s backyard on March 18 after cops mistook his cellphone for a handgun.

And yes there was video of the killing.

As previously stated, what needs to happen in order to negate all of these tragic incidents that we’ve witnessed is police being charged with second degree murder off the top.

If officers are found killing an unarmed person who clearly did not pose any threat to their lives they need to be prosecuted.

With notable killings of black men by police, Black Lives Matter, a social movement was formed in 2014.

However, a lot of people have tried to combat the Black Lives Matter protest by attempting to promote this all lives matter propaganda, which is merely a tactic to put blinders on people who are foolish enough to fall for it.

So don’t start with that bullshit about how all lives matter, no shit Sherlock, of course all lives matter.

The saying is not, ONLY black lives matter, it’s #BlackLivesMatter because black lives are the ones being unfairly taken by a broken justice system meant to protect them.