Wage Gap: Victim by choice

David Jenkins

The gender wage gap exists, but as to why it exists is due to the different choices that men and women make.

The talking point that women make 77 cents to the dollar to that of a man is something that as been said for years

Some statics say different numbers other than 77, but we’ll keep this for argument’s sake.

Now, there’s no denying that the gap is there, the argument is the reason as to why it’s there.

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Men and women make different choices when it comes to their occupation.

There’s a difference in fields of study, profession, balances between home and work.

The gap existing is not proof of discrimination. If this was the case then who ever is writing the checks is breaking the law and should be taken to court.

Pay based on discrimination has been illegal since 1963 under the “Equal Pay Act” signed into law by John F. Kennedy.

Those opposing the argument of choice will make the claim that women get paid less then men for doing the same work is based off of sexism.

No serious economist takes this claim seriously, which is why you only hear politicians and activists making it.

Here’s an example of how this works by using another gap that exists that no one talks about.

The gender death gap in the work place.

In the U.S alone, 93 percent of men die in the workplace as to women, seven percent.

Now, should one conclude that society hates men and are trying to wipe them out?

No, that would be incredibly stupid and if anyone makes that claim they deserve to be mocked and ridiculed for their nonsense.

With this gap comes the same conclusion. Men and women make different choices as to where they work.

Men often choose to work under dangerous environments such as construction, sewage, coal mining and with heavy machinery.

These men know the risk when they make the choice to sign up for the job.

We live in a economic free society where we can choose our occupation. These choices matter when it comes the gaps explained above.

Studying STEM will make you a lot more money than studying gender theory, but hey, people make those choices based on their pursuit of happiness.

If a woman wants to be a full time mom, that’s a choice that she makes.

Choice is in important factor when addressing these discrepancy.

It is a case by case situation.

Its a leap to conclusion that these discrepancies exist due to an all-seeing and invisible systemic patriarchy.

Don’t get it wrong, there is still residue form the patriarchy that once was, but lying and making people false victims is not the way to address these issues.