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Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

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The free market will destroy gay conversion therapy

California is trying to pass a law that would ban gay conversion therapy for adults and the moral police are having a cow.

Though there are reasons to see the procedure as harmful, the practice itself should be done away with not through government intervention, but instead with better information.

One of the things that makes America a country of liberation is the concept of economic freedom.

The principle and value that two consenting parties can exchange money for services.

If an adult who is a part of the LGBTQ community and feels that they want to go through this therapy, they should have the right to make a purchase for the services of the therapist.

Some might be thinking of the well documented and harmful history that gay conversion therapy has. Well, the thing is, the practice itself is dying out.

That’s because better ideas and information will always defeat wrong and bad ideas in the scientific field and not to mention the business world.

Our society has been getting better information about homosexuality and transgenderism, that the practice of gay conversion therapy is fading away.

The market place of ideas is suffocating the regressive notion that homosexuality is “curable.”

No government intervention is needed here, the practice will die out on its own because no one will want to pay money to a procedure that has no empirical evidence whatsoever.

The consumer can protect themselves with scientific information, without the help of the government banning business practices.

These are how bad ideas diminish and pragmatic ideas get embraced.

Take the flat earth theory for example.

Before this was a wide-held belief and was approved by the church, with better information it is now being mocked on the internet for being an outdated and stupid idea.

Gay conversion therapy is rapidly on that path and for good reason.

It doesn’t need the help of the government to bury it, it will do that all on its own.

People like Wayne Lela, founder of the Heterosexuals Organization for a Moral Environment will be laughed at when ever he speaks out his outdated and bigoted rhetoric.

Though, Lela brought to the legislation Assembly Bill 2943 to the attention of the staff by sending in a letter to the editor in opposition to the bill stating;

“It’s fairly obvious that female minds in male bodies and male minds in female bodies and homosexual minds in heterosexual bodies are sure signs that something went wrong somewhere, in nature and/or nurture, are sure signs of mind/body mismatches or disorders.

“So, to put transgenders and heterophobic homosexuals on the same level as normal heterosexuals is absurd.

“No rational person can deny that. This was the commonsense position of the American Psychiatric Association for years before it became corrupted by irrational, ever-so-trendy ‘political correctness.’”

Look how Talon Marks responded, a cartoon of his goofy ass was drawn, not only to ridicule him but also to mock the backward ideas he puts forth.

We’re confident enough to do this because we know the information and science is on our side.

If Lela ever wants to have a public debate, let it be known that his ideas and outdated information will be torn to shreds and the help of the government will not be needed in anyway, shape or form.

Let this be an open invitation to Lela.






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The free market will destroy gay conversion therapy