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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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“FDA approve ‘magic mushroom’ treatment”

Editor’s note: the phrase microdosing was retracted as it was an inaccurate description of the psilocybin treatment

Great news for you psychedelic fanatics, as well as including patients who are tired of big pharmaceutical companies draining your savings account and prescribing you medication! The time has come to start getting in tune with your metaphysical state of mind to share the information that is about to be bestowed upon you.

On Aug. 23, COMPASS pathways, a life science firm, finally got the thumbs up from the Food and Drug Administration to conduct clinical trials to treat patients who did not have luck with the other conventional treatments for depression.

About 216 patients will partake in this trial in Europe and in North America starting in early September. The clinical study will actually need a smaller amount of patients and reduce treatment time up to an hour and a half.

Most physicians recommend treatments that do not necessarily work for some patients. This will give them a positive reinforcement that they will finally get the healthy help they have been longing. NOBODY wishes to feel as if they’ve been lobotomized from the prescribed medication that a physician has given you.

The treatment  will consist of the administering of a controlled amount of  synthesized psilocybin, the naturally present psychoactive ingredient in magic mushrooms.

Treatment takes up to six hours, during which time patients will be under the supervision of two therapists.

After the initial treatment, there will be follow-up appointments over the course of 12 weeks, however, psilocybin will no longer be administered during that period.

Since the early 60’s, the FDA has been apprehensive about the treatment of psilocybin due to its history of people in the past using it recreationally to experience these hallucinogenic trips.

Its mass hysteria caused it to be such a taboo subject in which any affiliation with these “magic mushrooms” is said to be thought-out as crazy or straight out rejected by any physician.

Hopefully, this will bring awareness to people all over the world that this is a natural fungus remedy that in the long haul does not have any negative side-effects.

It is a call to action for young teens and adults to take time to do their academic research and realize what these clinics and scientists are trying to accomplish

Previous research and studies show proof that a small dose of this agent can immediately assist the reduction of depression and other conditions such as drug addicts trying to become sober, terminally ill patients who suffer from anxiety because of thought of them dying and past ex-military veterans who experience PTSD.

These trials will be in a controlled environment with the help of psychologists and scientists to help ease the new feelings and thoughts that the patient will experience while induced with the schedule 1 drug.

First-timers who are introduced to psychedelics think they have an idea on what they will experience under the influence of psilocybin when in fact, it can take a turn if not with the right people or environment. It can literally go from from high levels of euphoria to you talking to a plant crying that you cannot cook.

Ultimately, these treatments said to have kick started the patient’s brain activity and gave them a feeling to “reset” their minds. Their stress levels went significantly down
and their moods were highly improving after taking one dosage.

Patients who are diagnosed with depression will find this information as a weight being lifted from their shoulders, no longer suffering from pills that make them brain dead or emotionless.

Dr. Robin Carhart-Harris, Head of Psychedelic research at Imperial College in London, states, “Based on what we know from the various brain imaging studies with psychedelics, as well as taking heed of what people say about their experiences, it may be that psychedelics do indeed ‘reset’ the brain networks associated with depression, effectively enabling them to be lifted from the
depressed state.”

It is emphasized that people should not treat this as a way to abuse “magic mushrooms” for the experience will be different and frightening for some. We’d rather be running naked high off of mushrooms in the forest than taking horse-sized pills with money going down the drain.

Do humanity a favor and educate yourselves!


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  • D

    David PriceDec 28, 2018 at 7:50 pm

    This kind of awareness is very good and would benefit a lot of people in the long run.
    I hope that this will progress and improve people’s lives.

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“FDA approve ‘magic mushroom’ treatment”