Fine Arts needs vending machines now!

Alison Hernandez, Online editor

If Cerritos College can’t be bothered to fix the glass in the window display of its Fine Arts building, the least it can do is install some vending machines to benefit the students and staff that spend long hours working inside.

This is honestly a very small, very simple request compared to all the other things the Fine Arts building could ask the college to do for it.

Cerritos College still hasn’t made the effort to replace the previously mentioned window glass, which reflects such a strong glare that people often have trouble making out the art on display.

Or to fix a constant leak beside Fine Arts 246, a bright red bucket has become a permanent resident in the building since it’s the only thing dealing with the issue.

It hasn’t tried to fix an elevator in the building that’s been broken for months, not to mention that the only functioning elevator also has a few faulty buttons.

There still hasn’t been word that it has fixed the issues with the kiln in the ceramics classroom.

The college could try to make it up to the students that have to endure all these issues by installing a few vending machines that would be far more convenient for students instead of having to walk all the way out of the building.

Fine arts students spend four to five hours per class inside the building, and often spend several more hours working on projects and assignments.

They don’t often have time between classes and projects to head over to the student store or to one of the restaurants across the street from campus for a quick bite to eat.

So some students will end up going several hours without anything to eat.

Though they wouldn’t have to do that if the building had a few vending machines set up.

Some buildings around campus, such as Business Education, already have vending machines of their own so why not get a few more for the buildings that don’t have any?

The Fine Arts Building is designed in such a way that there are a few spaces that already have outlets and have enough space for at least a machine or two.

So the college can’t use space or outlets as an excuse not to bring in a few machines.

If the old Fine Arts Building had a few vending machines located a convenient distance outside, why doesn’t the new one have any?

Though one could probably chalk that up to one of the many design details that weren’t thought all the way through after the building was completed in January, 2017.