Interview with Fine Arts’ mascot, Bucky the bucket

Bianca Martinez

Bucky Bucket, who can be found in the Cerritos College Fine Arts Building on the second floor by the bathrooms, has made a splash as the Fine Arts and Communications mascot.

Bucket, whose original purpose was to collect water from a leaky pipe, has made his way into the hearts of all who pass by him on their way to answer nature’s call.


Being a medium sized apple red bucket, Bucket is not hard to miss, however, he does admit that he is neglected at times.

Bucket admits he has a remedy for neglect, “When I feel like no one is paying attention to me, I like to flirt with the pipe so she can squeeze out a drop for me so the students, staff and faculty can remember my purpose here.”

Having replaced a yellow caution sign, Bucket became a permanent resident sometime last semester, a clear date not being established due to the suddenness of his appearance.

Bucket states, “There I was, minding my own business in a storage closet canoodling with Molly Mop, when all of a sudden one of the custodians grabbed me and plunked me down right under the leak.”

He continues, “As a bucket I’m used to being sloshed around and used as a leak receptacle, but this latest assignment came as a surprise as this building is a bit too young to be experiencing any from of incontinence.”

Paula Pipe, the cause of the leak, states the leak is not her fault, but the overall poor construction quality of the building.


Pipe states, “Think of pipes in a building as bones in a body, nobody blames the bone for breaking and causing discomfort to the body, instead the one in charge of maintaining the body is rightfully blamed.”

Bucket is currently involved with Pipe due to being around each other for so long.

However, despite being in a relationship with Pipe, Bucket states, “I have no idea where the water from the leaking pipe originates from, but hey, a job is a job. As a bucket, you learn not to ask any questions, God forbid, the leak gets fixed and I’ll be out of work.”

Even though Bucket has been accepted by some of the staff, students and faculty, he does sense friction from most building occupants.


Bucky said, “Sometimes, I get kicked or stumbled over, you know, kids and their cell phones, but this job is a breeze.”

Bucket concluded by saying, “My job could be worse, at least I’m not a malfunctioning elevator, who’s not even successful at the one job he has, which is to be a resource for disabled students.”