Stop judging others for what they collect


Everyone loves different things, so don’t judge others based on their hobbies. Supporting each other makes collecting anything that much more fun. Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

Edgar Mendoza

This world is full of things to collect, whether it be handbags, makeup lines or action figures. Each and every one of these hobbies is valid and awesome, and we need to start acting like it by showing support for each other and ending the cycle of judgment for what we have on our shelves or in our closets.

Time and time again people are told their hobbies are weird because they’re nerdy, or weird because they’re “weeby.” On the other end of the spectrum, these very same people who are asking for their action figures to be accepted are the same ones mocking women who buy handbags or many shoes.

It is a two way street, and frankly, for your hobbies to be accepted you need to respect the hobbies that others have. No one hobby is better than another, whether you collect anime figurines and statues, or car memorabilia and sports gear.

The biggest issue people have is their belief that because their hobbies are put down, they can do the same to others. This topic is not a complex or hard to grasp and the solution seems straightforward.

Simply accept one another, enough with the “nerds” judging the “jocks” for collecting sports jerseys. Enough with the “jocks” judging “nerds” for collecting Dragon Ball or other anime action figures.

We are all humans, and all collectors, plain and simple. It doesn’t matter if it’s a pair of shoes or a bag for every occasion, or figure for every iconic superhero you grew up with, these things have value to someone, and you gain nothing from putting down a hobby or interest that brings joy to someone.

It’s time to accept that while something may be unappealing to you, finding that one shade to complete their kit or finding that one action figure that completes their Justice League lights up somebody’s world.

Showing your support is not difficult. Even if you don’t like what they’re into, take some time to appreciate the work and dedication that went into creating that collection.

Sometimes a simple “That’s awesome” or “Wow, that must’ve taken a long time” is enough to make someone’s day.

On that same note, stop judging people for having 50 lipsticks, because I can guarantee you they are not the same shade of red.

We have our 50 different forms of Goku or baseball hats, let the make-up lovers have their 50 different shades of red. Just let people love what they do, and even if you don’t understand it, take the time to acknowledge the passion they have.

This world is already bad as it is, with COVID-19 running around. Don’t add more toxicity to a world riddled with disease. Just look at your shelf or closet, take pride in what you have, and realize that everyone else has their own little shelf or closet that means just as much to them.

This topic is merely a human one but one that can we start to solve with a little encouragement.