Media must stop gaslighting and creating false narratives

News outlets have a history of gaslighting stories and creating false narratives. By creating fake news, they confuse their viewers and create distrust in the media. Photo credit:

News media needs to stop gaslighting their stories and creating false narratives to confuse their viewers.

The media plays a large role in how the public perceives information by creating different narratives that align with their viewers’ beliefs. They gaslight their stories by creating harmful narratives that do not accurately represent the truth and create confusion about what is real or “fake news.”

Multiple conservative media outlets such as Fox News, One America News Network and News Max play a considerable part in gaslighting their stories to the millions of people that view their platforms. Their coverage of the Trump insurrection on Jan. 6 is evidence of their false narratives and biased reporting.

During and after the attack on the capital, these conservative outlets continued to gaslight the story that the Trump supporters who stormed the capitol were peaceful protestors or that they were not Trump supporters at all. These false claims distort their viewers’ reality and divert themes from the truth.

While other media outlets analyzed what occurred during the insurrection, conservative media outlets focused on other issues. They talked about Trump’s “peaceful” transfer of power, Olive garden drama and clips of the protests before it became a full-blown terrorist attack.


When former President Trump unmasked himself as he returned from the hospital, people were furious, but conservative news downplayed his ignorance. However, as soon as Sen. Nancy Pelosi unmasked herself for a hair appointment, she was a hypocrite and abusing her power.

Gaslighting reporters create fear-mongering stories to influence their viewers.

While most media moved on from the removal of several offensive Dr. Seuss books on March 2, Fox News reporter Tucker Carlson fixated on the issue. He continues to gaslight the books’ removal, saying that it results from the radical left’s cancel culture.

“If it can happen to Dr. Seuss, it can happen to you, too,” Carlson said overdramatically.

In actuality, the decision came from “Dr. Seuss Enterprise” and was not the decision of the Democrats.

While the conservative media are experts in gaslighting, other outlets are guilty of over amplifying an issue.

CNN’s over-coverage of the Ebola outbreak created a narrative that America was about to be overtaken by the plague. In truth, approximately a dozen people contracted the virus and doctors managed to contain the disease.

People really have to pressure the media and hold journalists who gaslight accountable for their false reporting. The media gaslighting can make it difficult for people who are trying to get the truth. It creates aggravation between people who follow the fake news and those who listen to the facts.