Parents fail to discipline children in today’s world


Parents and guardians have lacked discipline on their children leaving them miss behaving even more. Photo credit: mdanys

Alfredo Menjivar, Staff Writer

In today’s world, children have become lazier, disrespectful and spoiled. Leading to them being out of control – making parents or guardians look bad although they are at fault.

The parents are to blame in this situation due to a lack of discipline that is given to a child.

It is not being said that a parent should spank or yell at their child, in fact spanking and yelling makes the situation worse. It is considered child abuse, studies also show some positive effects but more negative effects when it comes to physical punishment.

Studies also show that different forms of physical punishment increases aggression, antisocial behavior and disruptive behavior in school.

One of the other problems is giving or letting the child use electronic devices which distracts them in school. According to Pew Research Center, 80% of parents say that their child at the ages of five to eleven uses or interacts with a tablet, while 63% say that they use smartphones.

According to Child Mind Institute, the average American child spends four to seven minutes outside and over seven hours a day in front of a screen. The solution to this would be not giving your child a device or limiting their screen time on electronics.

Kids these days are being less disciplined, more lazy and whiny than ever.
Kids these days are being less disciplined, more lazy and whinier than ever. Photo credit: David Salafia

Many parents give a lot to their children because when they were kids, they did not have many toys, nice clothes and electronics. Though this is a thoughtful without discipline it can spoil a child impacting them negatively.

Spoiled children think that they can have anything they want – even if they already have it and begin demanding more and more. A simple solution although met with tantrums would be to give the child what they need and only a little of what they want.

A good example to show the child how to get what they want is have them to do good in school, behave and have them perform good deeds.

The best thing to do when disciplining a child is to keep cool and not throw a tantrum, it sets a bad example. Establishing a mature response helps better communication and makes acceptable behavior easy to understand.

As it is good to stay calm when parenting a child, it is acceptable to show frustration and let your child know you are not happy with their behavior.

It is important to discipline your child not only to make them better people as they get older, but so they can be happier. Poor discipline could also lead to mental health problems.