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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Los Angeles: City of Vanity

Ken Lane
So many people in Los Angeles are very full of themselves and love to show of there expensive stuff. Photo credit: @CarShowShooter

Los Angeles is ranked number one in the country in vanity according to the CBS Los Angeles YouTube channel.

Many people in Los Angeles, mainly in the Hollywood hills have have such a big ego. One of the reasons why this happens is because LA is such a rich city filled with celebrities, movie industries and more.

What needs to be done is to spread the word about it and have a figure or the mayor of Los Angeles speak up about this problem. This solution must be done to help change the ways of those who show off in this city.

This makes our city look really bad. Not only does it make the rest of the people bad but it makes the rest of the people look cocky, arrogant, ignorant and more.This has been a problem for a long time and not much has been done.

YouTuber effspot, uploaded a video where his friends and himself are driving through Rodeo Drive recording people showing off their cars, money and expensive items.

People are buying super expensive things and show off to people in public and more often on social media. People also buy things they can barely afford and are put in debt. There is nothing wrong with having so much money and expensive things until you get obnoxious about it.

It is seen on YouTube where famous YouTuber , RiceGum who lives in Los Angeles, throwing money at a homeless man on the street. This is another problem within a problem. There are so many rich people in LA and so much homelessness to go along with it and it makes the situation look worse.

There is about over 260,000 millionaires and over 20 billionaires living in Los Angeles. There is also over 60,000 homeless people here too and over 700 of them happen to be veterans.

People in this city have so much money most of them don’t even bother to help with the homeless situation. Their money is usually used for beauty supplies, fancy clothes, jewelry and more.

Not only is vanity bad but it’s also dangerous. According to A Conscious Rethink a lot of old celebrities died because they tried to make themselves look better with tanning beds, surgeries and other things.

Bullying also ties to vanity because they thing look cool just by picking on someone. Most of the time bullying leaves the victim doing the bullying, depressed and even suicidal.

People who are vain can also be untrustworthy. They can be untrustworthy because if the person is obsessed with their self then they are only going to care about their self.

Vanity can also lead to you being more harsh on yourself when failure comes. This is because the person expects perfection and is disappointed when something doesn’t go their way.

Here are ways to stop being so vain. Don’t compare yourself to others, be humble and be grateful, it’s simple as that. When becoming vain you begin to lose yourself, you lose who you really are.

Los Angeles is a beautiful city full of rich history, culture food and plenty of entertainment and fun experiences. The city is far from perfect but we can definitely make it better when we fix this situation.





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Alfredo Menjivar, Sports Editor
Alfredo Menjivar is the sports editor for Talon Marks. Alfredo loves watching ice hockey, specifically the Los Angeles Kings. He wishes to transfer to Cal State Long Beach to pursue his career of being a sports/hockey writer and possibly play hockey for the university of his hometown.
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Los Angeles: City of Vanity