Local gas prices on rise with no end in sight causing pain at the pump and in peoples pockets. Norwalk 76 Gas station prices on March. 11, 2022
Local gas prices on rise with no end in sight causing pain at the pump and in peoples pockets. Norwalk 76 Gas station prices on March. 11, 2022
Roman Acosta

Gas prices are too damn high

Gas prices across the nation are becoming unbearable to all Americans driving cars that still require gasoline. Not everyone has a hybrid or an electric-powered car and switching over to one is not going to happen overnight.

Oil companies must continue to supply oil barrels to the U.S. to keep America running. On Monday, March 7, prices set a record high at the pump at an average of $5.34 per gallon in CA.

Gas prices are on the verge of reaching eight dollars in some areas of California. Painful prices for hard-working class citizens are costing an arm and a leg for a full tank of gas.

Those who drive for work as delivery are simply losing more profit rather than earning for deliveries.

Rising tensions between Russia and Ukraine have also caused an even greater spike in gas prices that appear to have no end in sight. Russian oil imports were banned by The House as legislation was passed.

Are politicians the ones to blame? What can we do to take action? Spoiler, going on strike at your local gas stations won’t do a thing.

Sorry speed racers your hellcat may look cool but we all know your suffering inside paying $100 to fill up.

We can protest to demand that politicians sign and do whatever it takes to fill the supply and demand of oil barrels.

You can expect to see more gas theft-related crimes occurring if prices continue to surge at the rate it is now.


Meanwhile, here are some tips to save on gas:

1. Drive slower

2. Avoid stepping on gas unnecessary (cruise to the line at a stop/red light)

3. Cut back on joy rides

4. Remove excess weight from your vehicle

5. Ensure proper tire pressure on vehicles

As gas and diesel prices continue to increase breaking records the cost is expected to exponentially increase throughout the year according to USA Today.

Following the trend in other states, California is the only state with gas and diesel prices continuing to increase while the national average falls.

On March 17, California legislators became anxious to provide drivers with relief so representatives decided to give every Californian $400 in the form of a gas tax rebate.

The relief is meant to help working members of our community – the now added cost of transportation that is already expensive, weighing heavily on members of our lower income community. This relief is meant to minimize stress that comes from the cost of living.

The increased price in gasoline is impacting many businesses ranging from transportation services, the shipment of goods and airline establishments.

Due to the fast paced life style lived by many Californians nearly everyone will be making cuts to their budgets.


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