This is an image of people who were protesting the death of Trayvon Martin with this amazing-looking sign. This took place in downtown Milwaukee and the image was taken on June 17, 2012. (Creative Commons) Photo credit: Overpass Light Brigade
This is an image of people who were protesting the death of Trayvon Martin with this amazing-looking sign. This took place in downtown Milwaukee and the image was taken on June 17, 2012. (Creative Commons) Photo credit: Overpass Light Brigade
Creative Commons

Racism is here to stay

As the battles of Russia and Ukraine progressed, one other issue started to rise. While everyone is fighting for their safety, racism is playing a part because a large group of African Americans is being treated unfairly.

While Ukrainians are trying to evacuate; including men, women, children and African Americans are being blocked from being evacuated and left out suffering in the cold worrying about their safety.

According to the article, ‘Africans in Ukraine say they’re stranded’, Africans in Ukraine are complaining of racist treatment in their quest to escape the war. They are being blocked from boarding trains and prevented from crossing borders to neighboring countries for safety.

It is unfair for Africans` in Ukraine to be feeling endangered especially during war. They are not allowed to go somewhere safe just because of the color of their skin which is unfair. Everyone is equal, but most people are still not getting that in their heads.

It seems regardless of what happens, racism is here to stay due to ignorant people who choose to be inhumane. We sadly can’t control how people think.

Although people who wish to change the mindsets of racist people try their hardest, the best we can do is let them be. The First Amendment allows everyone to feel how they feel, state what they wish and believe as they want.

As people who want to change situations of racism, we can take part in donating to those suffering such as those in Ukraine and across the world.

We can also help by sharing issues fueled by racism on social media to raise awareness; those who care about humanity will help spread the message.

Another example of racism is the Unite the Right rally that occurred on Aug.12th, 2017. This rally started because the statue of Robert E. Lee, a confederate soldier, was going to be removed because of the George Floyd protests in 2020.

The video, Charlottesville: The True Alt-Right by a YouTuber named Shaun talked about the alt-right protest and explained intricate details of the protest.

Dylan Roof and James Alex Fields ran their car into counter-protesters during this rally, which Shaun talks about in his Charlottesville video.

“The only way to tell the difference for sure is in their reactions to the murders committed by Dylan Roof and James Alex Fields,” Shaun explains, “Once the ideology goes beyond words and becomes action, fatal action…, you can no longer claim it’s just a joke, you are in all in.”

Shaun showed plenty of examples of people waving swastika flags from 28:51 through 31:00 and from 41:18 through 43:30, you hear tons of people agreeing that Hitler did nothing wrong, that we should gas the racial-slur and under a banner saying end Jewish control now.

The Charlottesville video Shaun posted will give context to the Charlottesville rally and help explain the 2017 rally.

There will always be racist propaganda that will spread, because of the huge rise of the internet.

As history continues, fascists like Hitler, Stalin and Putin all have one thing in common that most might not say. They all suppress the First Amendment and show only one, false narrative of the world.

That is how the racist ideology ultimately ends up winning and how that ideology continues to be used by different countries as time goes on.

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