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Social media trends are stupid

Solen Feyissa
Media trends on Tik Tok such as cooking chicken in NyQuil and the Nutmeg challenge are uncreative and dangerous to all audiences.

Social media has become important in everyday routines for most people in the United States.

Social media comes with stupid and dangerous trends ranging from being gross and unnecessary to reckless and harmful.

Viral trends, like cooking chicken drenched with NyQuil, are probably the most useless and dangerous ideas to be made throughout social media.

It is sad that some people find it interesting and try these trends to gain views from Tik Tok or Instagram.

According to NBC News, “The FDA said that even if people do not eat the chicken, cooking it in over-the-counter medicine could cause them to inhale high levels of the drug’s vapors.”

The main ingredient in NyQuil is acetaminophen and if one consumes more than the recommended dose on the bottle, he or she may lead to overdose.

The FDA had to go as far as to write a consumer update about this challenge and explain how dangerous social media challenges with drugs are.

Whoever created the idea of cooking chicken in NyQuil probably didn’t have anything to do and just wanted views and attention.

Social media seems to be riddled with many unnecessary and unusual methods to prepare food and drink.

In 2021, a video of people making fruit punch in a toilet went viral which shocked viewers.

The more shocking part of this video is that the punch was shared with guests.

It shouldn’t take a genius to tell you that making any type of beverage or food in a toilet is unsanitary.

A toilet consists of many bacteria, viruses and chemicals.

People who intake any food made in a toilet can lead to serious sicknesses.

Another reckless trend that emerged from TikTok is the Nutmeg Challenge, where people were smoking or ingesting high amounts of spice to get high.

Nutmeg is known to be a kitchen spice that is safe in low doses and it is most commonly sprinkled into eggnog and even hot chocolate.

People who participated in this trend consumed two tablespoons of nutmeg which resulted in getting treatment for cardiovascular complications and nutmeg toxicity.

One TikTok user who did the challenge twice reported seeing terrifying hallucinations and other people who allegedly tried tripping off of nutmeg have reported similar symptoms.

Social media has been known as a positive place for users to share ideas and receive inspiration, but it can be known for causing harm to users who are desperate for attention and views.

Social media should be stricter on letting users post dangerous trends and media like Tik Tok and Instagram should ban harmful trends immediately before the post becomes viral.

Parents should be aware of dangerous trends that are in social media for the safety of young children and to help prevent children from being influenced.

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Jaelyn Delos Reyes
Jaelyn Delos Reyes, Staff Writer
Jaelyn Delos Reyes is the Community Editor of Talon Marks. She covers community, opinion, Arts and Entertainment, news. She enjoys binge watching new shows and is a Marvel fan. She hopes to transfer to Cal State Long Beach in Spring 2023.
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Social media trends are stupid