“A Natural Woman” causes unjustified backlash from LGBTQ+ community


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This is a photo of Aretha Franklin, the person who made the song “A Natural Woman.”

Samuel Carey, Community Editor

Americans are too sensitive in the present today, people are getting cancelled for things that happened years ago and probably weren’t targeted towards a certain group of people.

Music has taken a turn for the worst in terms of classic hit record such as Aretha Franklin’s “A Natural Woman” when the LGBTQ+ community got wind of the record being offensive.

The ones who felt deeply targeted were the Trans community saying that the song is insinuating that transgenders can’t be real women.

It’s been numerous of tweets of the trans people saying, “There is no such thing as a natural woman.”

The tweet went on and said, “The song has helped inspire acts of harm against transgender women.”

Most people want to make this song political and it doesn’t have to be, especially over something that is rather silly for a better lack of a word.

People never want to intentionally offend by someone or a group of others and it’s quite ridiculous when people are trying to cancel a song made back in 1968.

When the song was created, people were sure that Aretha wasn’t even focused on the gay community because this was her feeling towards a man who made her feel special.

This is troubling because that means if they can attack her for a song that was not related to them then they can go after anyone’s music and try to ban it.

Aretha Franklin was one of the most influential artist of her time, the last thing she needs is a group of people feeling disrespected for a song that they feel they should get rid of for a silly reason.

T.C.M.A (Trans Cultural Mindfulness Alliance) are requesting for the song to be removed from Apple Music & Spotify.

The various group who saw this tweet and thought this statement was dumb had something to say as well.

“OMG get a life& stop trying to cancel everything. How sad and pathetic one’s life must be if this is a priority to you. This is a great song! You go Girl!.”

“It’s a great song and I’m going to listen to it right now because of this post. Thanks!”

Aretha Franklin isn’t here to defend herself, God rest her soul, but if she was here she would be offended and outraged her self.

The term “Stay in your lane” is a must in the present today because its a ripple effect.

If a person or a group says something that is false and people choose to run with it, is quite detrimental to the opposing individual.

Let the woman rest in peace, she made hits for everyone to enjoy so if you offended by “A Natural Woman” listen to “Rocksteady” and you will be fine.