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Women still want masculine men, not nice guys

Dmitry Ryhkov/Creative Commons
Women in the US want to be strong and independent but studies show that they really just need a strong man.

Throughout the years women have gradually empowered themselves in many different things.

Despite a majority of U.S adults stating there are issues needing to be addressed, one in particular is being in a relationship with a man.

Women have stated that men these days do not meet their standards. Many would argue that it is the man’s fault, but in reality women are just asking for too much in a man.

Women prefer men with status in which they are judged by their income, intelligence, if they are humorous, physically physique and their appearance while a woman is judged solely based on her appearance.

For women to say a man’s income does not matter, they are lying to themselves.

In a study,


“Women seeking long-term partners are focused on securing a reliable stream of investments.” Buss, 1989;Shackelford, Schmitt, & Buss, 2005

It continues to add on,

“to be attuned to signals of whether men seem willing and able to make such sustained investments ….”

Research has also shown that women are more receptive to dates with men who display prestige products as opposed to more ordinary, mundane possessions …” according to Guéguen & Lamy, 2012 and Buss, 1989; Shackelford, Schmitt, & Buss, 2005.

To make a woman happy, you need financial stability, a fact proved by divorce rates;

“Studies show that 70% of divorces are initiated by women. When accounting for just college-educated women, that figure jumps up to 90%..” according to Edward J Jennings Law P.A Attorney Law

Once your wife makes more money, there’s a big chance of problems occurring.

The U.S National of Families and Household reported those who were married their happiness declined when the spouse made more money than the husband.

The risk of divorce increases by 50%.Not only that but multiple studies prove women want men with high status.

  • “50% of women in relationships have a back-up partner in mind in case they separate from their current partner, as per a study” in a recent report of India Today.

Women do not like average men and those who say the statistic is outdated,

A new study by Swansea University,

“Reveals that women are more attracted to wealthy men than they are men with average incomes”

Sleeping with a certain number of people helps your mentality and relationships in which data can back it up.

According to Institute for Family Studies; Does Sexual History Affect Martial Happiness; “Premarital sexual experience affects marital happiness, but perhaps the more important story is that almost two-thirds (64%) of Americans are happy in their marriages”

The lowest satisfaction is reported by women who’ve slept with 6 to 10 partners, as the study reports.

Another factor that a man needs is to be in a fit shape which a woman wants from her man.

Sadly, a man cannot do this since they will be labeled as body shamers. Women can make comments about men being out of shape while a man cannot do the same

According to Gran Genesis Plastic Surgeon; What is an Attractive Male Body, “In the study’s authors, seventy percent of a man’s appeal is based on his physical strength …

A recent YouGov poll, “women find that men 6 feet or taller are more physically attractive than those under 6 feet in a romantic relationship.”

In reality women have more options compared to men, but aren’t satisfied with who’s replying back to them. Then women want men with high status which comes with repercussions since other women are going to want that particular man.

So as long as women wants a specific man, men who are struggling to date let alone speak to a woman, the best thing is to focus on yourself, then women will come to you.

As for a women, lower your standards for a 9-5 guy and he’ll treat you better than most guy you prefer. If you don’t, then expect to get the same results in men.

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Antonio Gonzalez Jr is a staff writer for Talon Marks. Besides journalism, Antonio is an airplane technician who loves to travel around the world. He aspires to become a public relation representative for Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman or any other big cooperation. He hopes to transfer to Cal Poly.
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  • A

    Amy ParkerApr 18, 2023 at 3:39 pm

    This article is really heavily generalized – making “women” into a single group in these kinds of discussions is essentially equivalent to objectification. This is way too broad; could some of the points still be made? Sure, but this article is honestly overall flawed and extremely misogynistic in perspective – for instance, “they” (ah yes, all women) “are lying to themselves” (said by someone who is not, themself, a woman).

    This also presumes that heterosexual relationships are a major problem for everyone…

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Women still want masculine men, not nice guys