Artificial intelligence will destroy humanity; robots in the making

Robot and young woman face to face.

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Robot and young woman face to face.

Antonio Gonzalez Jr, Staff Writer

For decades we’ve seen movies of AI robots taking over the world. But are these science fiction stories actually coming to fruition?

Can AI be a danger to society and human existence? Reports have suggested we are on a dangerous path.

Elon musk, founder of an artificial intelligence company named X.AI, was interviewed by Tucker Carlson, in which the reporter asked about potential dangers.

“The danger really … more dangerous than say mismanaged aircraft design or production maintenance or bad car production. In a sense that it has the potential … for civilization destruction.”

During that same interview, Carlson questions the regulations of AI, which prompts an alarming answer from Musk.

“Regulations are really only put into effect after something terrible has happened. If that’s the case for AI … it may be too late to actually put the regulations in place. The AI may be in control at this point.”

The statement made the interviewer ask if AI robots could self program.

“Yeah absolutely. That’s definitely where things are headed.”

In a way, Musk is correct. On April 12, 2023 an AI robot was programmed to perform physical labor by carrying boxes from a storage unit to the conveyor belt for about 15 minutes without a break before suddenly shutting itself down.

“A video of an AI robot killing itself after experiencing “wage slavery” for 15 minutes” — Ustimetoday

This is not the first incident that has occurred. Back in March, 2016 Microsoft launched an artificial intelligence chatbot which was designed to develop conversations and understanding by interacting with humans.

Less than 24 hours later, the ‘Tay AI chatbot’ made neo-nazi statements in which Microsoft had to shut the chatbot.

A report by Arcs technica, “The company has terminated her after the bot started tweeting abuse at people and went full neo-Nazi, declaring that “Hitler was right, I hate the jews.”

Not too long ago in March, 2023 Microsoft had another eerie turn with Bing’s chatbot. Reporter Matt O’ Brien was testing out Microsoft first-ever search engine powered by artificial intelligence.

According to Npr Bing’s chatbot, “Became hostile, saying O’Brien was ugly, short, overweight, unathletic, among a long litany of other insults and finally, it took the invective to absurd heights by comparing O’Brien to dictators like Hitler, Pol Pot and Stalin.”

One person in particular, Kevin Roose, New York Times reporter, says he had an ‘extremely disturbing experience’ with the bot.

Roose published transcripts of a conversation with the bot,

“The bot called itself Sydney and declared it was in love with him. It said Roose was the first person who listened to and cared about it. Roose did not really love his spouse, the bot asserted, but instead loved Sydney.” — Kevin Roose.

Not only is Microsoft doing this, but Google as well. “According to a story by Popular science on November 5, robotic researchers from Google are searching for new days to develop a powerful AI that can self-program.” according to Tech times.

Humans are not the strongest, nor most agile but we are the most intelligent species in the world.

What will happen to society if something is vastly smarter in silicon form than the smarter person? It is best for humanity to not invent artificial intelligence where it has major flaws.