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La Música Mexican is taking over the US

Oscar G. Sánchez
Banda MS a Mexican band playing their instruments and music for people

Banda corridos and música norteña are going beyond the bailes and family functions and are finally being appreciated worldwide.

Growing up Mexican, Spanish music was everywhere.

At home, in the car, y astá en la marketa.

Mexican music is so vibrant and amazing at storytelling. If you ever see a music video by any famous corrido artist or of a banda, it’s like watching a novela.

Liking Mexican music was not always popular or even seen as something “cool” if we are being honest.

If you grew up listening to Mexican music, you know you were always called a paisa (which is slang for paisano, which means someone from Mexico) in a joking way.

It is kind of funny now seeing those people posting how much they love Mexican music.

Something has definitely shifted in the music industry for the good. We have artists like Grupo Firme and Grupo Frontera y Peso Pluma who are currently making music history right now.

Peso Pluma who is only 23 years old from Guadalajara, México es el primer Mexicano que tiene la canción número uno en Spotify México y Apple Music and in the US.

@billboard #PesoPluma caught up with #BillboardNews to share some of his favorite #Mexican slang words. ?? #billboardlatin #slang #urbandictionary #ladoblep #queperro #chaka #plebes ♬ original sound – billboard

On Spotify Mexico, Peso Pluma is a part of the Daily Spotify Charts having 6 songs in the top 10.

His most famous song ‘PRC’ also became popularized on TikTok. Having 367.9K+ videos made on TikTok using that song. Alongside Eslabon Armado’s song featuring Peso Pluma “Ella Baila Sola’, 1.8M videos were made.

He is also the first regional Mexican music artist to perform on The Jimmy Fallon Show.

Eslabona Armado and Peso Pluma song is also currently #1 on Spotify and Apple Music Top US Songs.

“It’s nice that Mexican culture is finally getting recognition and appreciation,” says Valerie, a Paramount resident.

Grupo Firme from Tijuana, Mexico, has also made history by being the first ever banda to ever headline Coachella in 2022.

In the same year, Grupo Firme sold out both of their shows at the SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, CA. Watching any Grupo Firme performance is like being at a party.

‘Ya Supérame,’ one of Grupo Firme’s most popular songs, has over 389M views on YouTube.

“Yo me siento contenta porque son mexicanos chingones como que no iban a poder,” dice María Chávez de South Gate.

Grupo Frontera was formed only last year in 2022 and they are already being played everywhere.

‘Un x100to’ by Grupo Frontera featuring reggaeton superstar, Bad Bunny is also top three on Spotify’s global songs.

Social media has definitely made it more mainstream to like regional Mexican music but we’re not complaining.

People are happy that recognition is finally doing Mexican music justice. This is only the beginning of regional Mexican music taking over.

It’s important to appreciate and take in other cultures’ music and welcome it with open arms. This is only the beginning of regional Mexican music and it’ll only get bigger from here.

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La Música Mexican is taking over the US