Off The Field: Kim Ng makes history becoming the first female general manager


Kim Ng, seen here in 2018, is the first woman to be named the general manager of a Major League Baseball team. Photo credit: Nuccio DiNuzzo/Chicago Tribune/TNS

Isaiah Lonvelin, Staff Writer

History has been made in the sports world as the Miami Marlins organization has hired the first female general manager, Kim Ng.

If the new hiring of Kim Ng can be a new start to something for sports in America, well how about all over the world.

Kim Ng has been known as a long time and qualified hire for this job with her experience as an intern analyst for the Chicago White Sox. She would later get moved up to assistant director of baseball relations.

Beginning in 1998, she was hired by then New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman to become an assistant general manager for the dynasty club.

Now she makes history after being hired by owner and former shortstop for the Yankees, Derek Jeter.

It can take a moment to get used to this since some people in the sports industry believe that sports should just be run by men, but this is actually a great change to happen.

Ng has been one of the most qualified Gms in sport history, it took her 30 years to get where she is at right now.

This hire showed the true colors in American sports with the non-hiring of Kim Ng because she is a woman.

Reading about her journey through the business of baseball to finally becoming a general manager made me question, “What took them so long!”

Seriously it is almost unbelievable that with her qualifications and knowledge with two major league ball clubs that still had owners pass on her for this long.

Being hired to any job is plain and simple, if you are the right candidate for the job then you should get hired.

The Marlins are not doing this because she is a female, or the organization was forced to hire a female.

They have hired Kim Ng because of the work she has put in during her career to get where she is at, along with the experience she has with the business side of baseball.

Still men believe that this is a bad idea to hire her or feel like sports are trying to please everyone with a woman being in the job.

Men who are single-minded have to realize a barrier has been broken, and it is a good thing to happen out of the 4 American sports to have the first female GM.

We have to see this like the color barrier being broken, and how Jackie Robinson went through a lot to even see playing time on the diamond.

In the end he broke the color barrier and is recognized as one of the greatest players to have played professional baseball.

Now with Kim Ng, it gives hope to other women in her position trying to get jobs like she has in professional sports becoming a general manager.

It is unbelievable to look on Instagram or Twitter to see some of the negative comments talking about how she will fail or making fun of her appearance.

But in the darkness there is a light of both genders congratulating her on breaking a barrier she has worked for her whole life.

If this is your first time knowing who she is, then look her up and read her story on her journey to get in the big seat.

Bravo to Kim Ng for doing the impossible, a well deserved hire for the game.