Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

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Cerritos students feeling effects of Japan quake

Cerritos students feeling effects of Japan quake

March 15, 2011

Dana Ramos felt somewhat relieved when she received a phone call, Friday night, from her aunt in Japan but also a sense of devastation sunk in as she learned the hardships her family has and is still...

Priority enrollment, set to get a makeover?

March 8, 2011

The Cerritos College Faculty Senate discussed the possibility of revising the priority enrollment policy to better aid students who are succeeding at its meeting on March 1. According to Faculty Senate...

Students vote in favor for firearms

January 25, 2011

Since the last time the topic about arming Cerritos College Campus Police was discussed, last semester, both senate and cabinet voted in favor of arming it. With the shootings that occurred last week,...

Art student paints own path to success

January 18, 2011

Art major Geraldo Franco had his painting, "Iraq War," hanging on the wall of Coffee Studio in Cerritos last semester as a way of promoting the art club and the art produced by students. From an early...

Financial Aid delay confuses students

January 18, 2011

Luis Meza, computer science major, expected to receive his financial aid money on the first day of school; instead he received an email on Dec. 20 from financial aid stating that his money would not be...

Homecoming court narrows down to seven

October 11, 2010

Listen to Arts Editor Andrea Mora interview Martha Hernandez. Seven girls are running to become Cerritos College Homecoming Queen: Isaura Quintero, Crystina Leyva, Teresa Gonzalez,...

Maha & Company dancing the first show of the night Mist. Some Cerritos College dancer perform with Cerritos College dance instructor in their first concert as Maha & Company.

Maha & Company dance as a company for the first time

September 28, 2010

After nine months of preparation, the dancers of Maha & Company hit the stage with their first dance concert on Saturday under the direction of Cerritos College dance instructor, Maha Afra, who choreographed...

Cast of Urban Theatre Movement posing for a photo op.

Urban Theatre Movement strives to change the theater world

September 21, 2010

"It's crazy and good at the same time, I'm truly happy," Paul Tully, producing director of Urban Theatre Movement, said when talking about his theater company. Nine months ago, two Cerritos College theater...

Cerritos College student gunned down on 105 Freeway

August 31, 2010

Twenty-eight-year-old automotive student, Juan Ramone Pacheco, was shot and killed Friday afternoon around 6:30 p.m. after a verbal altercation occurred on the 105 Freeway between him and an unidentified...

Cerritos student shot on 105 freeway

August 30, 2010

  Twenty-eight year old automotive student, Juan Pacheco, was shot and killed Friday afternoon around 6:30 p.m. after a verbal altercation occurred on the freeway between him and an unidentified...

Students apply themselves through music program

August 24, 2010

The Applied Music Program is geared to aid music students who have an interest in pursuing a career in music. In order to be considered for the program each student must audition a week before the ...

GMB raises funds for Honduras trip

May 11, 2010

Cerritos College Global Medical Brigades Club will be hosting a fundraiser on Monday at Bj's restaurant, in Cerritos, to raise money to travel to Honduras to give medical aid to.For those interested in...

Professor to plan debate on SB 1070

May 4, 2010

Senate Bill 1070 that has been proposed in Arizona has caused uproar amongst the population. Cerritos College Professor Philip Hu is planning a debate to discuss the new proposed bill. The date for the...

Farmer rejected at Glendale, remains at Cerritos

May 4, 2010

William Farmer, vice president of student affairs at Cerritos College, ran for the position of superintendent/president of Glendale Community College in April.On April 19 Glendale Community College announced...

The cost of war

April 22, 2010

"How many of you know how many soldiers have died fighting, in both the Afghanistan and Iraq war?" was the question that was asked during Wednesday's presentation about the cost of war. The audience...

Neo-Nazis protest angers Los Angeles residents

April 22, 2010

A rally led by a group of neo-Nazis drew hundreds of angry counter-protestors in the south lawn of Los Angeles City Hall, April 17.The group who call themselves The National Socialist Movement (NSM) organized...

Activist protest against Neo Nazi rally Saturday in Los Angeles

Neo Nazis rally in Los Angeles

April 19, 2010

A rally lead by a group of neo-Nazis drew hundreds of angry counter-protestors in the south lawn of Los Angeles City Hall, Saturday morning.The National Socialist Movement (NSM) organized the rally through...

Blood drive here once again

April 13, 2010

The Accounting Club is hosting the American Red Cross blood drive that will be taking place from Monday through Wednesday 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. for those interested.On Monday the blood mobile was stationed...

Writing bad women back into history

March 23, 2010

Professor Jacquelyn Troup gave a presentation about, "Writing bad woman back into history," on Tuesday in honor of Women History Month. The presentation focused on five main topics: fat women, mentally...

Hoe down kickoff on Tuesday

March 16, 2010

Tuesday was the kick off day for Cerritos College three-day event known as Hoe Down Days, which takes place Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.Many clubs set up booths to promote...

Andrea Mora- Bill Farmer

March 15, 2010

The date April 19 will decide if Cerritos College has to go on a hunt for a new vice president of academics affairs. William Farmer is waiting the result to see if he beat out the other three candidates...

MTV Tr3s visits Cerritos the second time in as many weeks

March 11, 2010

MTV Tr3s visits Cerritos College once again on March 9 to take care of some unfinished business. On their previous visit they finished filming the Don Omar vs. Aventura face off and started filming a new...

MTV Tr3s Visits Again

March 9, 2010

MTV Tres visits Cerritos College once again.  The segment centers around the 15 year anniversary of tejano singer Selena Quintanilla death. Students can expect to watch the episode in the last week...

Farmer is presidential finalist at Glendale

March 9, 2010

Cerritos College Vice President of Academics Affairs Bill Farmer is one of the three final candidates in the running for Superintendent/President position at Glendale Community College.On March 3 Glendale...

The old Kensco store is the site of the new HFH ReStore

Habitat for Humanity work to open across from College

March 8, 2010

On April 22 a new Habitat for Humanity ReStore will be opening its doors across the street from Cerritos College on Alondra Blvd.In the meantime students who are 18 and over and willing to gain volunteer...

MTV3 host Jazmin Lopez pauses before starting an interview.

MTV Tr3s visits Cerritos College

February 26, 2010

MTV Tr3s came to Cerritos Campus on Wednesday to film a television show "ReMexa."Field Producer Ananta Mara said the reason why MTV Tr3s chose to film in Cerritos College was because of its, "big Latino...

The dragon performed around Chinatown while collecting donations from stores to help the local Chinese elementary school.

Anthropology Club goes to Chinatown for the Dragon festival

February 23, 2010

The Anthropology Club, anthro club, took a trip to Chinatown on Sunday to experience a different culture."I think it opens student's eyes to diversity and allows people to know that there is more...

An unidentified man was taken into custody Wednesday for carrying a weapon.

Student arrested with knife in the Fine Arts building

February 22, 2010

Student Fernando Castellon was arrested Wednesday afternoon for possession of a weapon and for causing a disturbance.He has been suspended from the campus pending his trial with the school's judicial court....

Cerritos College Social Networks

February 19, 2010

 Thirty students were asked around campus if they were aware that Cerritos College had social networks such as MySpace, facebook, and twitter.Six out of the 30 knew and the remaining 24 students had...

TM and WPMD merge for new campus radio show

February 8, 2010

 Talon Marks is making it easier for Cerritos students to stay informed about current issues surfacing around the campus with a new radio show. For the first time, Talon Marks and WPMD, the...

The recent storms tear through Cerritos

January 27, 2010

Everyone living in Southern California felt the madness of the weeklong storm that occurred two weeks ago. Cerritos College students sure felt it too. ' Martin Reyes, undecided major, said that worst...

Balloon Dad Behind Bars

January 14, 2010

On Oct. 15, 2009 a frantic phone call was made to Fort Collin Police Department by Richard Heene. He reported that his six year old son, Falcon Heene, was trapped in a homemade balloon which had...

Veterans Club to take kids to movies

December 8, 2009

On Dec. 21, the Students Veterans Club will be joining up with SHIELDS for Families Inc., a private non-profit organization, to take 45 children ranging between the ages of 6-12 years of age, to the movie...

Blood drive saves 225 so far

November 17, 2009

For everyone who has donated blood before, donating is a piece of cake. It is all a routine to them.For Natalie Peng, environmental science major, this was her seventh time donating blood.The reason why...

Be safe on Halloween

October 27, 2009

Halloween is the time of year where an individual can dress as he pleases without judging eyes; where one can finally live his dream of being a banana for just one night.For many children, it is also...

Murderous poll a controversy

September 29, 2009

This past weekend, there was a poll circulating Facebook asking "Should President Obama should be killed?"The participants were only given four options: yes, maybe, if he cuts my healthcare, or no.The...

Tito Ortiz visits wrestling team

September 22, 2009

With a record of 15-1-6, it is no wonder why Tito Ortiz is considered to be a great fighter.Born Jacob Christopher Ortiz, he grew up in Huntington Beach, Ca., which gave way to his nickname, the Huntington...

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