Talon Marks

The absurdity of the great wall of Trump

Eunice Barron

April 5, 2018

It is no secret that President Trump is pushing to enforce stricter border security across the United States and Mexico border in order to prevent more illegal immigrants, crime and transportation of drugs from entering the country but this idea won't work as well as it may seem. The idea of building an estimated billion dollar wall is absolutely absurd, n...

The World Cup group draw results

The World Cup group draw results

December 6, 2013

Hey everybody. Today we are looking at the group draw for the 2014 World Cup that is being hosted by Brazil. We will briefly talk...

Don’t be shutout from the shutdown

Denny Cristales

October 6, 2013

A government shutdown last Tuesday has individuals across the country, including people here on campus, talking about what the shutdown actually means. However, most individuals are misinformed about the situation. Research and understanding is encouraged and would go a long way for students on campus. Individuals like to talk and throw in their two cents...

Fantasy Football is very real

Gustavo Olguin

September 19, 2013

The season features people that don't play fantasy football and like to ask "what's the point if it's not real?" One, if you haven't played fantasy football, you do not know how real it can be. Two, this is something that must be taken very seriously in order to come out on top. And three, achieving victory over all your friends at the end of ...

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