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China wants to paint America red

Emanuel Guadarrama
The deteriorated American flag is painted red with a Chinese flag, illustrated.

An Air Force general predicted that the U.S and China could go to war in the next two years.

This could be due to Beijing’s territorial claims on Taiwan and how it wants to “unify” the island with its mainland, even if the use of force is necessary.

A possible motive for China wanting to invade Taiwan, as well as the U.S willingness to go to war for it could be due to the fact that it hosts a company known as TSMC.

This company produces some of the most advanced computer chips and semiconductors in the world, which the U.S has become reliant on for many of its military-grade devices.

There is, however. a possibility that China could be planning something that may be more concerning than invading Taiwan, an invasion on the U.S.

This may seem far fetched until one starts making note of recent incidents involving China and the U.S, e.g., a Chinese surveillance balloon happened to fly across the U.S before being shot down.

Chinese officials would claim that the balloon was just a civilian’s weather balloon that went astray.

Additionally, there’s also been a surge of Chinese immigrants at southern U.S borders who travel through Panama’s Darién Gap to eventually cross into the U.S.

This has raised some eyebrows, as hundreds of “military-aged” Chinese men, were seen heading towards the U.S through Panama.

It’s been speculated by some that these men have or could be threatened by the Chinese government to do their bidding once they are in the U.S.

China’s has also made military and political advances in Panama, which included a donation of 6,000 bulletproof vests and helmets to its security forces.

To insinuate that there is a correlation would be very far-fetched however, it’s also crucial to note that a secret Chinese police force had been set up in New York City as a proxy for Beijing’s ministry of public security.

This secret police station helped the Chinese government track down dissidents, U.S citizens, who’s views and actions they deemed unfavorable, as part of their efforts to oppress opposition beyond their borders.

So when it comes to China possibly invading the U.S, by some measure, they are already here.

One last aspect that should be noted is TikTok, owned by a Chinese company, Bytedance, it’s been the topic of a lot of controversies with regards to privacy and security.

Many countries have already banned TikTok, for various reasons such as cybersecurity concerns, even the U.S doesn’t allow TikTok on government-issued devices

TikTok however, is obviously not the only platform that has been the subject of privacy concerns, Facebook e.g., was once the focus of the abuse of it’s private user data.

The main difference is Facebook is in the U.S and not in China because only the NSA can be allowed to spy on U.S citizens, right?

The main concern is that the app could be sharing its data with the Chinese communist party, according to Forbes Magazine, at least 300 of its employees have either worked or still work for Chinese state media, which is controlled by the CCP.

So could China be gathering information for a plan to invade the U.S? Or could they be waiting for the country to eventually destroy itself from within with all its divisions?

In any case, it’s important to refrain from any hasty judgments but it’s also important to highlight and acknowledge the dangers of the CCP’s influence and the effects it could have or has already had on the U.S and its people.

The U.S government, if they know, which they more than likely would know, should confront China on this matter and start taking measures to prevent and counter this potential threat that puts the lives of all Americans at risk.

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Emanuel Guadarrama, Co-News Editor
Emanuel Guadarrama is the returning news editor for Talon Marks, who’ll be covering any and all newsworthy events or stories on campus. When he isn’t working on his news section, he enjoys listening to various genres of music and reading. He also likes going on hikes, walking with his dog and spending time with his friends and family.
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  • Y

    yMay 29, 2023 at 8:35 pm

    America needs to arrange to invade China and overthrow the CCP.

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China wants to paint America red