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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

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Aspiring rapper juggles school and family life

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Tremel D. Stewart, theatre major, is working producing his music.

Theatre major and president of the Black Student Union in Cerritos College, Tremel D. Stewart, has been involved in school, not only to pursue a career, but as a way to follow through with his music as an aspiring artist.

His choice of genre to express his creation of music, is rap. Although what differentiates him from the rest of many aspiring rappers, is his poetry and storytelling.

“A lot of people take things from a negative angle, such as rap is about cursing, the ‘N’ word, women and girls, but with my music and what I want to bring across is a conscious way of thinking on how I can I do something completely different to change an outcome,” Stewart said.

One of Stewarts close friends and collaborations on his music, is Andre Auram, public relations major, who has known him for over two years.

“We both like to make hip hop music that is socially conscious that relates to people,” Auram said, “I think he has great potential, and is soon to be recognized as a musical storyteller.”

After Stewart graduated from high school, he joined the Navy for four and a half years, and his experience in the military, along with having two children, brought him to thinking of what he really wanted to do in life.

“Writing was one thing I always been good at, but I sucked at math and everything else, but when it came to putting words together and expressing my feelings I was able to do that, so that inspired stories,” Stewart said.

Stories that Stewart would write influenced him to connect his writing with his inclination of making music.

His devotion of working with music and writing has encouraged him to make music for people to listen and understand his message through his lyrics.

 “It’s about how you get people to listen to the words, you have to say and actually get that message across for the people that need it, and that’s the younger ones. That’s everything I base my life around, so ‘Rap-id-tre’, is what I named it,” Stewart said.

“Rap-Id-tre” is Tremel’s form of music where he includes a theatre for the visual perspective and rap music, along with the aspect of using his words to elaborate the music by the usage of lyrics through his performance.

As a father of two and a student at Cerritos College, Stewart balances out his career by taking one thing at a time as things are taking process for him.

While he is steadily continuing his participation in theatre he is using his major to make “Rap-id-tre” possible.

Being an aspiring music artist has taken Stewart into steps of learning on how to connect with people and as the new president of the Black Student Union Club, he is using his time at Cerritos College to make a change within the school by reaching out to the students.

“College is going to teach you many things, so I actually think being here is a very, very important part and not just being here, but being a part of here to try and make your name felt and to help others in the same process.

“Everyone is here to get good grades, get into a good college, to achieve and be something in life, but while you’re here what difference are you making?”  Stewart said.

With the full support from his family and friends, Stewart is following his dreams through his education here at Cerritos.

He has made it possible by starting his first of his collection of music that he has made and is consistently working on his music and education, until he reaches his dream.

Stewart will be introducing “Rap-id-tre” on Sept. 25 in Long Beach at the La Mirage Cafe through the help of Urban Theatre Movement.

This will be Tremel’s first performance of “Rap-id-tre” with a live audience.

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Aspiring rapper juggles school and family life