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Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

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‘Strings’ barely leaves fans attached

A movie about two friends who are into the idea of using each other for sex sounds like something that people would watch for the basic appeal of “sex buddies.”


When it comes to watching “No Strings Attached,” you’re really up for a movie that is just another corny love flick that one wouldn’t even want to watch while on a date.


The film starts at a high school party where a young Emma (Natalie Portman) and a young Adam (Ashton Kutcher) sit next to each other with the awkwardness of being the only two that aren’t fooling around.


It goes on from there to five years later, where they meet each other once again at a college frat party, and surprise: Emma and Adam see each other and lock eyes, but don’t go any further than that step.


What was very problematic about the film is that it started out with two people, who are later in the movie supposed to be “sex friends,” and it only makes the film that much more of a dull story with two very attractive actors starring in it.


Natalie Portman’s effort to make her character a dry, unaffectionate workaholic, does help with the fact the she’s the one who pursues the idea with Adam.


The way the two started to have sex was when Adam was going through his own battle with his father dating his ex-girlfriend, which causes him to have a drunken night and to have sex with any girl who will agree.


He ends up at Emma’s house, awaking naked, thinking he had sex with one of her roommates. The scene pops up as generally humorous, but what was more disappointing was the chemistry between Portman and Kutcher.


Emma and Adam end up having sex as Emma gives him back his clothes to dress. The sex between them was no more than 45 seconds, as Emma has to rush to her 36-hour shift at the hospital, where she works as a doctor.


From the short moment of them encountering each other sexually, the movie carries on with different scenes of them having sex in different places and at different times of the day. But sadly, the movie ends with them seeming to be just sex friends.


Throughout the movie, Adam starts to fall in love with Emma, but Emma doesn’t want to commit to serious relationships because of her trauma with her father passing away when she was in college.


So, Emma tells Adam the morning after they “spooned” with each other, fully-clothed, that it would be best for Adam to sleep with other women.


What gives her the idea that it might be a good one, only makes Emma realize her true love for Adam because she starts to feel jealous.


You can guess that Emma and Adam end up with each other in the movie without having to see it. So, save your money and maybe wait for the film to come out on DVD because this film is a no-brainer in figuring out that it will make you fall asleep in the last hour of it.

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‘Strings’ barely leaves fans attached