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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

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Students share ‘thoughts and emotions’ at Fall 2017 Dance Concert

The Cerritos College Dance Department & ASCC put on its recurring Dance Concert for the fall semester for Nov. 2-4.

The opening act coined “Soul Guardians” was a repertory [performance of either various plays, operas or ballets at regular short intervals], that captured the attention of the audience and never let go throughout all 15 performances.

One of the dancers who performed during the opening act was dance major Francisco Chavez. He also performed in three additional acts including a ballet contemporary duet, “Modern Traction” and “I Am THAT I am” [an Afro-modern].

Chavez said, “there’s something about the audience being there… I feel like sometimes we hold back a little during rehearsal, but the energy from the audience really drives us more, it feeds us.”

The performance that most related to the younger generation came in the form of “Netflix and…friends?.” A love story fit for a movie, told through modern hip-hop music and trendy dance moves.

Two performers were randomly selected to choreograph some of the dances.

Jazmin Alejos, dance major, choreographed an act named “Cycle,” one of the best performances of the night by crowd reception.

For her first time choreographing a performance, Alejos, shared, “it was a good experience and a challenge as well”

Alejos’ “Cycle” was a dark-beat infused showing that was reminiscent of a concert. It was almost a darker version of “Netflix and…friends?,” but with a tribal view to the dances.

She also performed in 4 dances and described what it’s like being on stage, saying it’s not about showing off, “it’s more about sharing what you have to offer — your thoughts, your emotions…”

“XTRA XTRA,” the third dance before intermission had a Spanish hotness to it, with the dancers all wearing bold colors. Clarissa Corchado, dance major, stood out in the sixth performance of the night with a radiant smile and high kicks.

The first performance after the intermission was “Preeti Bhoj” immediately getting the audience right back into the show featuring two fast paced dances inspired by India.

Dance major Catherine Caceres, commented, “I stopped dancing for religious reasons, but then I decided that this is what I want to do and this is my passion.”

She danced in 4 performances.

Towards the end of the second act, the cast put on a seductive version of the classic “Little Red Riding Hood.”

This dance garnered a lot of “ooh and ahhs” from the crowd.

Jeyo Ramos, dance major, revealed his favorite piece to be the first one, the repertory, [“Soul Guardians”] “it’s really fun, it’s just high energy all over the place.”

The concert had a story book ending to it, where 18 students performing the final act, “Gozando y Celebrando” got off stage, spilling into the front and sides of the audience where they continued their dancing, once again exciting the crowd.

The Dance Department will perform “Modern Traction” and “I Am THAT I am” at the American College Dance Association in 2018.

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Students share ‘thoughts and emotions’ at Fall 2017 Dance Concert